What’s in my Handbag?

MoneySupermarket are doing another, fab, contest and I really wanted to get involved and enter when the lovely Kate at ‘Sparkle Dust’ tagged me. I always enjoy reading/watching people’s ‘What’s in my bag’ posts so I’m looking forward to writing this post up.

Edit The competition is over now but I look forward to entering some more Money Supermarket competitions in the future!

So here’s my, currently, most used bag:

I know it’s not a ‘handbag’ in the traditional sense but this is what I use for a handbag most of the time at the moment. I do love handbags but from time to time I opt for something a bit more practical; though I’m likely to go back to my pretty, floral satchel sometime soon, or another of my lovely bags, I have always had a bit of a thing for bags!

This backpack was from Primark and it cost £9, which I think is a real bargain. I added the lovely goldy flower to it as I thought it made a nice embellishment and added something to the bag – This was one of the items I was given by my friend after she’d done a clear out and it just seemed the perfect thing to go with my bag.

This is the basic, every day, contents of my bag but towards the end of the post I’m going to list some ‘optional extras’ which I take out sometimes, depending on the circumstances. Part of the focus for the MoneySupermarket competition is about the value of the things we take around with us, so I will make a rough estimate on each of the sections I do. I do think it’s an interesting idea, though, how much we carry with us, on a regular basis.
These are my real basics, sometimes I don’t take my beauty bits with me, if they’re not already in the bag and I’m in a hurry or I don’t think I’ll need them, but these are the things I always like to have with me.
A notepad and pen can be invaluable, I know we have note apps on our phones but sometimes it’s nicer to whip out a notepad and jot down important things. My purse was £4 from Primark and it’s such a pretty floral pattern. I also keep my phone in a floral coin purse which cost about £4 too – My phone is the most expensive thing I carry on a regular basis, though it’s not the most recent it’d still be over £200 to replace.
I also have my inhaler, keys and a reusable shopping bag – All pretty self explanatory (yes my shopping bag folds up to look like a rose, I got about 6 of them from ebay for about £4.)
As I said above, I don’t Always have these things, but the fold away brush and a balmi lip balm do tend to always be in there. I love the little makeup bag that I use, it cost me £2.50 at our local pharmacy and it has a handy inside pocket which I can keep my meds in. I also like to have my S&G essentials with me, if I’m going to be out for any length of time – Hand Maid for cleanliness, Hand food for if I need to use hand maid, and Mist you Madly incase I want a spritz of nice smelly stuff. The value of these bits is about £10, though less if you get things on offer (like I did).
In my travel makeup bag I normally have items such as these (though the balmi is normally just in my main bag) – MUA concealer wand, my lipstick of the day (This days was NYX tea rose), Blistex daily conditioner, Korres Rose lip butter, Balmi in mint, a little black mirror in the shape of a rose, MOA balm (15ml), Shanghai rose solid perfume in Lychee, De-stress aromatherapy roll on, Bach rescue remedy and my current cocktail of meds.
I don’t always have All of these items but I’ll often have most of them. Value wise these bits would probably total about £35-£40 (which seems so much when you think about it!) (I spent more like £20 on them as I got most of them on offer of some sort).
These are some of my optional extras – Things I might take in the right situation, but not daily. If I’m honest the umbrella was tricky as I do tend to take it most days, but hopefully with the warmer weather I won’t have to. My kindle only really comes if I know I’m going to be sitting, waiting, somewhere for a long time; a less expensive and smaller alternative is a book in the ‘flipback’ format which can be really handy. And then there’s, also, my ipod which I’ll take anywhere where I’ll be on my own for any length of time (which is very rare, normally only if I’m walking to the drs on my own)
The flip back and the umbrealla only cost about £3 each so don’t do much to the overall value but, obviously, both the Kindle and Ipod would. I don’t think I’d ever take both electronic devices with me, and I rarely take either of them at all, but when I do the Kindle would add approx £100 to the value of my bag and the ipod £200.
Most of the time, if The Boy is coming somewhere with me, I still use his changing bag; especially as going out will often include needing to take snacks/lunch, nappies, wipes, toys, books, crayons, drinks etc. But on a day where we’re only going out briefly then I’ll throw a nappy, some wipes and maybe a train or two in my bag. Money wise, these add very little, 10p ish for the nappy, £1 for the wipes and £3-£9 for a train – But these items are invaluable in many other ways – A nappy is priceless if you have a pooey toddler, wipes are too if you have… well a toddler at all!
All in all I don’t think the over-all value of my bag is as high as many others may be (unless it’s an ipod or kindle day) – But, the amount still seems high when you think about it, I’d say, with the basics I’m carrying £50 which seems so much for just the bits and bobs in my bag! (Obviously that doesn’t count my phone, but I assume everyone has a phone so I’m just talking about the bits which are personal to me) – This has been a fun post to write, photograph and think about.

In case you don’t read the t+c’s you also need to tag 5 people for the contest, so here’s my list.

Lara at http://theorganisedpenguin.blogspot.co.uk/
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Please don’t be offended if I didn’t tag you – I’ve tried to go for people who blog regularly, are in the UK, who I thought might enjoy doing the tag and who hadn’t already been tagged (though some of you might have already!) You don’t need to be tagged to do it, though, so if you want to be in for a chance then get blogging!


  1. Claire Brownbill June 12, 2013 / 12:30 pm

    I was reading through and went wait a minute I've been tagged! Haha I already have a whats in my bag blog, reckon I could use that one or should I redo another? Thanks for the tag!



    • admin June 12, 2013 / 12:51 pm

      No problem, thought you'd enjoy doing it.

      I honestly don't know, maybe reuse some of it but do an updated version? xx

    • Claire Brownbill June 12, 2013 / 1:00 pm

      I'll re do another I have slightly changed anyway so will be nice to 🙂 xxx

  2. The Organised Penguin June 12, 2013 / 2:37 pm

    Thanks for the tag, really enjoyed emptying my hangbag to take photos and blogging about it! x

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