I’ve got a whole tonne of posts I want to get written up, they’re all quite late, already, after taking some time out to do some writing, but they may be delayed a little more now.
I passed out on the way to taking Ethan to nursery, was out for about 20 minutes to half an hour and was woken by paramedics. I’ve got a nasty cut on my head and sore elbows but nothing too scary. I’m feeling pretty rubbish now so I’m probably going to be quiet for a day or two. I’ve got posts scheduled for tomorrow but most of my posts are going to be quite out of date, though I still want to do them

One of the reasons I was so so pleased to see The Balm blush sample in this months Birchbox (HERE) is because it meant that there would be some products by The Balm appearing in the Birchbox shop and I just happened to have £10 worth of reward points to spend!

I really didn’t expect the exact item I wanted from them to be available, but to be able to get anything from them with a £10 reduction and free p+p was a really exciting concept.

Turns out I was wrong, the item I wanted Was available and, so, I was able to get The Balm’s ‘Mary-Lou Manizer’ highlight powder for £5 with free p+p!

I’ve wanted this for quite a long time and every time I see another blogger post about it it makes me want it more and more so I am soo pleased to have been able to get it, and for such a bargain too!
It might not look like much but it’s absolutely Stunning! 
 Another little added bonus is that I was sent a free pair of eye lash curlers and one of the little mirrors that are available in the Birchbox shop, due to a very good promotion running. 
I already have the mirror so I’m thinking that this second one might be a lovely addition to a future give-away! Yup, more potential goodies for someone to win! 

I posted, a couple of months ago, about the group that Ethan’s been going to at our local library. Sadly it’s closed for the holidays, now, as Ethan’s going to really miss going. I’m not sure if he’ll be at nursery when it’s running, once it starts back up again, but I’m hoping to time things that he can start going again once it begins again.

The group is totally free and the children have stories read to them, play with various toys, sing and dance and also have a crafty sticking and/or colouring exercise to do each week. It’s just so fantastic what’s available if you’re lucky enough in your area and if you are able to find out about what’s going on locally.

These are just a couple of my favourite things he’s come back from the library with. I’ve got a whole collection of drawings, or things he’s made and it’s just lovely that this is provided, for free, for local pre-schoolers! 
Honestly, check out if there’s something similar in your local area! 

Superdrug have announced that they’ve released the One Direction range by MUA onto their website already.
The cheek products aren’t in stock and I predict the lip sticks, balms and nail polishes going out of stock soon too
Annnd as if that’s not enough,  Superdrug have free uk p+p until the 30th of this month!)
I’ve ordered two lipsticks and hoping the cheek tints come into stock soon. Watch this space for swatches!

When we were in Co-op a while ago we saw that they had a big display of fruit and veggie stuffed toys and were, immediately, intrigued. The lady on the till explained the concept to us and we duly started hoarding stickers. You are awarded a sticker per £5 that you spend at the Co-op and once you get 20 you can buy one of the Goodness Gang toys for £1 each rather than the £10 retail value that they hold.

I expected it to take us Ages to get enough for just one toy but that’s to the kindness and generosity of a whole load of people, Ethan’s lucky enough to have Three of the toys!

We have Charlie Carrot, Sally Strawberry and Ben Banana and they are very, very loved. They’re lovely, big, soft toys with sweet, happy faces and Ethan fell in love with each and every one of them when he got them.

Are these going to make your children suddenly want to eat loads of fruit and vegetables? Well I think that depends on the child. It’s hardly going to make the fussiest of eaters suddenly open to their sprouts and cabbage but I do think that it helps to form a much happier image of them and make them much more familiar with them.

And if not? Well it’s a fantastic offer to get some lovely stuffed toys for your children!