A beautiful day – My Dad and step mum renewing their vows

Last weekend we had the most beautiful day. My Dad and my Step mum, who’ve been married 24 years, renewed their vows. The amazing thing is that they had no idea it was happening until the week before. They’d wanted to do it before but things had got in the way, so this year my sister decided that, as a surprise, she’d organise the whole thing.

We all pitched in with as much as we could (Not much on my part which I feel so bad about), but it was all thanks to my sister that it happened. It was all her ideas and her planning and I have no idea how she managed it. She did such an amazing job. She even got the dress for my Step mum, who looked absolutely stunning as a bride for the second time!

They had the vow renewal ceremony at a little church and then we all went on to a lovely venue to have a meal and then later there was an evening party too. I’m so proud of my sister for organizing it and, also, for just thinking of doing it in the first place. It’s so inspiring that my dad and step mum have been together for so many years and it makes me so happy to see them so happy, still. They’ve been such amazing parents to us, and it’s lovely that they had a special day, just for them.

I haven’t got hold of any of the proper photos other than one that my sister tagged me in, of Ethan, but I’ll share that one with you all and also one I took of the gorgeous table decorations too.

Isn’t this photo gorgeous. This was taken by the lovely lady that my sister hired to do the photographs – She’s a fantastic photographer, but only just starting out, I’m going to be getting in touch with her this week and hopefully booking her for our wedding next year! It’ll be lovely to be able to book someone who I’ve met and who was lovely to talk to (she’s a friend of my Step mum and sister’s friend) and I’m really impressed with the few photos that I’ve seen. Plus if my sister recommends her than I’m happy to take her word for it!


Didn’t my sister do such a beautiful job with the tables!


Absolute ninny insisted on having the bottle up on the table even though he couldn’t reach the straws. He liked apple juice from a bottle like a big boy!



  1. Kim Carberry July 14, 2013 / 6:41 pm

    Aww sounds like you all had amazing day!!

    • admin July 15, 2013 / 1:23 am

      We had a wonderful day, thank you 🙂

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