Beauteco box – Beauty Box unboxing – July 2013

I am, most definitely, loving Beauteco box. This month they’ve done amazingly, again.

For those that don’t know, they offer a similar beauty box service to Glossybox and Birchbox and it costs the same money But you get some say in what box you want to get. There’s a choice of three boxes and there are some things which are in all three, but there are also some items which vary. I do think that they are also, or already have, implemented a feature where you can pause your subscription in case there’s a month where you don’t want any of the boxes.

This month I chose a box which had four full sized products in and one really interesting sample. Just amazing, really. The brands are all ones I’ve not heard of before, but they seem to be good quality brands and the products themselves seem fantastic. So, here goes!

Loving the purple tissue paper worms for the packaging this month, such a pretty colour! 

First up we’ve got the Neal Wolf ‘Harmony’ which is an intensive care treatment for the hair. I’m really enjoying hair care at the moment and, even though I’m still not much into styling it too much, I’m really enjoying products which improve the quality and feel of my hair. This is a full sized, 200ml bottle and retails at £12.95 (which covers the cost of the box, alone)
This is the Neal and Wolf Elevate which is another hair care product and is a volumising lotion. I’m really interested to see how this works as the idea of a lotion being volumising is quite intriguing. I definitely think this is the sort of product I’d like to try out with my hair so another exciting product to add to my collection. Another full size, 200ml bottle, this one retails for £11.95.
This is the Art Deco eyeshadow base which is one of the products that made me choose menu 2 for this months box. I use eye shadow primers a lot, but haven’t tried anything of this sort of formula before so I can’t wait to give it a go tomorrow. It’s a full sized product that retails for £8.
I don’t need another pencil eye liner. But I will use it when the time comes for me to need one so they aren’t an unwelcome item in a box (though I guess there will come a time when enough is enough) – I do think this will be an interesting product to try out, though, as it claims to have a gel like texture to it so I would like to put that to the test. This liner retails at £6.95.
This was the only sample in the box this month and it’s a pretty good sized one at that. This is the Pukka radiance serum. I’m really enjoying skin care at the moment and I do want to try out various serums. I do worry that one of these more expensive ones will just utterly change my skin and I won’t want to look back but I guess that’s why we do sometimes shell out for holy grail items from time-to-time. The idea is in the name with this, as radiance serum, but I imagine most of us would like a little more radiance so this is a good product to have ready to try out. The sample is a 10ml tube and the full sized one is 50ml and retails at £28. 
Coming in at a retail value of over £45 this box is, easily, a bargain. The fact that these products are mostly full sized is just fantastic and I love that there’s a mixture of make-up, skin care and hair care. I’m really looking forward to trying all of these products and the Neal Wolf treatment may well be jumping to the front of the queue of haircare to try! Another fantastic month for Beauteco box! 


  1. Kate Musgrove July 9, 2013 / 11:52 am

    I love the boxes from this brand. I haven't felt disappointed by what I've seen despite not trying them xx

  2. admin July 9, 2013 / 12:04 pm

    I'm more impressed with them every month, so far. I'm using the shadow base today and so far so good, I like it. I'll have to see how well it does with lasting power, of course, but impressed so far! xx

  3. FjordBeauty July 9, 2013 / 12:36 pm

    Lovely review… Can't wait for mine to arrive. The Pukka Serum sounds like a good addition to my growing skincare collection. 😛

    Olivia xxx
    Beauty from the Fjord

  4. admin July 9, 2013 / 12:42 pm

    Which menu option did you go for? xx

  5. admin July 9, 2013 / 9:51 pm

    No but I'm going for a bath now and I think I'm going to try them now!

  6. admin July 11, 2013 / 8:22 am

    That sounds good 🙂 I've tried to follow you but it won't let me, I'll try again shortly

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