Benefits ‘Benefayre’ in Birmingham on the 20th July – Fun for the whole family!

Last week I heard, via the official facebook page, that Benefit were touring the country with their ‘Benefayre’; a pretty pink, summer fayre to raise money for the charity Refuge (please take a look, it’s a very very worthy charity who support people when they’ve suffered domestic violence)

When I found out that the Benefayre was going to be at Birmingham on Saturday the 20th I was a bit excited as Azii and I had been, already, talking about taking Ethan on the train to Brum as a reward if he was well behaved that week. Couldn’t have worked out any better!

Going on the train is pretty much Ethan’s favourite thing. He’s absolutely obsessed with trains and he spends the whole train journey sat, looking out of the window, getting really excited and telling me everything he can see. He likes to have his ‘own’ ticket (Thankfully Azii had old ones in his wallet) and he enjoyed showing Baby bear the things out of the window too. He was so sweet and well behaved. Kid is obsessed. 
Birmingham was really busy and there was a really high police presence due to some less than desirable protests going on in the centre, but as the Benefayre was on near the Bullring we managed to avoid all of that. When we arrived we spotted a lovely fenced off area where you could see the pink, fun looking stalls and games all set up inside. I wasn’t really sure about taking Ethan in, but as I was quite nervous about being in Birmingham on my own Azii and Ethan stayed with me. And I’m so glad they did, Ethan had so much fun.

We were greeted by some lovely ladies who explained what they were doing, about the charity, and about the token system. We bought a load of tokens (£1 each with the whole of the proceeds going towards the charity) and we made our way in.

First things first we just Had to get Ethan’s face painted. He wanted to be a cat and I think it’s safe to say he was the cutest cat around. He has been wanting to have his face painted for ages so I was so pleased we were able to get it done. He sat really nicely and the lady was so lovely and clearly really good at dealing with youngsters. Ethan’s was a really simple design, as you can see, but there was a couple of older children there, too and they had some really gorgeous, intricate designs. 
The queue for getting a make-over was the longest and no surprise, it only cost two tokens (£2) and allowed you to have a make-over by their lovely make-up artists with Benefit products! I didn’t get that done as I knew that Ethan would hate waiting around with such a long queue.

So… we moved on to the games! We spent all but one of our tokens playing hook a pink duck in the beautiful pink fountain, a ‘They’re real’ mascara hoopla, a throwing game knocking over ‘Stay flawless’ pins and a shooting game shooting down  lemons at the porefessional stall.

Most of our tokens went on hook a duck as Ethan loves the game (though kept having to be reminded he couldn’t keep a duck)

I’m not a fan of children playing with guns but within this context it felt ok and Ethan really wanted to get involved with everything. Being the uber gamer dude that he is Azii was rather good at the shooting game.

None of us were so good at the hoopla, especially Ethan who threw his hoops towards the people behind us not the actual stalls (luckily he didn’t throw very far, sort of just dropped them really)

We all did really well at the throwing. And the guy at this stall was nice enough to let Ethan think he’d knocked over Allll of the pins (The man didn’t help at all, of course!)
Everyone who was working at the fayre was just so so lovely and they were so good with Ethan, talking to him and letting him get involved with the games. We were there for me but Ethan had the most fun and it was a shame to not see that many children there when we were there (Hopefully there was plenty of others before and after we went).
These are most of the lovely things we won at the different games. A couple of which will be making their way to a give-away coming soon! 

We also won two of these Fab ‘Spy Gal’ comics which are the second edition made for Benefit, featuring the character from the front of the porefessional. Azii and I were both Very Very impressed that this had been made by Marvel!

Our last token went towards getting our photo done at the photo booth. Three-year-olds and photo booths aren’t so easy. In all of the ones where I was smiling, Ethan hid his face. Finally we got him to smile and I was looking pretty fed up, that’s just the way that it goes, though, and at least Ethan looks happy!

I know this has been a long post, but I wanted to urge you to check out the Benefit facebook page and see when the other Benefayre’s are going to be. It was lots of fun and such a fantastic idea for raising money for a really, really, worthy cause. And for those of you that have little ones, it may be about cosmetics but they’ll have tonnes of fun too! 

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