Fun at the library

I posted, a couple of months ago, about the group that Ethan’s been going to at our local library. Sadly it’s closed for the holidays, now, as Ethan’s going to really miss going. I’m not sure if he’ll be at nursery when it’s running, once it starts back up again, but I’m hoping to time things that he can start going again once it begins again.

The group is totally free and the children have stories read to them, play with various toys, sing and dance and also have a crafty sticking and/or colouring exercise to do each week. It’s just so fantastic what’s available if you’re lucky enough in your area and if you are able to find out about what’s going on locally.

These are just a couple of my favourite things he’s come back from the library with. I’ve got a whole collection of drawings, or things he’s made and it’s just lovely that this is provided, for free, for local pre-schoolers! 
Honestly, check out if there’s something similar in your local area! 


  1. admin July 30, 2013 / 4:10 pm

    Thank you 🙂

    I absolutely love it, wear it every day now xx

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