Graze Goodybox – A graze box for little ones!

I’ve been getting graze boxes for quite a while now, and I was lucky enough to get a referral code for their breakfast range too which has been really nice to try. As such I was really pleased when I saw they were going to do a box for children.

When they announced that the box was going to be released I eagerly put my email address down for further information. Needless to say I was very pleased to discover that my eagerness meant that we got our first ‘Goodybox’ for free (all people who signed up for future info did, yay)

Ethan loves seeing what my mum and I get in our boxes and he really loves ‘helping’ us make sure we get everything eaten. So when I told him he was getting his own graze box he was so so excited.

The range of snack punnets which are available for little ones seems to be a really good selection to start with, it’s not massive but has a nice mixture of fruity things, savoury and a couple of more sweet things too. Ethan got four punnets which display that quite nicely.

He got ‘Say Cheese’ which is cheesey croutons and mini tomato breadsticks, he got ‘Fruit Tumble’ which is mini strawberries, pineapple and lime infused raisins, ‘Golden Flapjack’ and ‘Salsa face’ which is tortilla chips and a tomato salsa dip.
He really enjoyed picking which one to eat. It was very difficult explaining that he couldn’t have them all on the first day but I didn’t want him to overload on snacks and I wanted his enjoyment to last so he had one a day, for four days, after his lunch. It was a great incentive to eat his lunch nicely (which  he normally does anyway, but nothing wrong with a bit of an extra help!)
He opted for the tortilla dipping one first, the next day was flap jack, then fruit and lastly the cracker selection. 
He really enjoyed all of them and he surprised me with the dried strawberry as I expected him to be a bit fussy with that; he didn’t manage to finish all of the raisins, though as he insisted on eating each different type of fruit separately so I think the raisins were a little overpowering on their own, eaten all at once.
The moment he finished his last one, he asked if we’d get another graze box tomorrow, he really did love them. The children’s boxes are £3.89 which, I think, is the same as adult boxes (mine are cheaper as they’re the same price as when I started). They’re not cheap but, whilst we’re still living with my mum I think I’ll get him one a month so he can have that to enjoy. 
Ethan and I both liked the little mouth detail on the box. I think that Grazebox have done a good job with these. They encourage little ones to try new things, and the whole point of graze box is that the snacks are of a more healthy persuasion than you’re normal crisps and biscuits so I think that makes them just right for youngsters. Obviously if you have a really little one then you need to consider salt content etc and potential allergies – These, clearly, aren’t things that stop being an issue once they’re older but it’s easier to have a handle on it once they are. 


  1. Claire Brownbill July 26, 2013 / 11:28 am

    This seems really interesting and like you said a great way for kids to try new things!


  2. Claire does beauty July 26, 2013 / 12:13 pm

    I get these for my little one too and she loves them! It's such a good idea and as most if not all kids are fussy about certain foods it's a good way for them to and try a variety of all sorts of different things xx

    ♥Claire|Claire does beauty

  3. admin July 26, 2013 / 2:34 pm

    They're fab! I definitely agree, both Claire's. When it seems hard to get them to try things it's always good to get them excited about it!

    I forgot to push his second one back to a month away from his first and it came today. I had to hide it, though, as he's been really poorly and he'd have wanted to eat it. Hopefully I can pretend it came in the post tomorrow and he can get all excited then instead 😀

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