June 2013 favourites

Yup, a few days late again, really never expect them to be on time it’s just impossible hehe. I do like doing my favourites posts, though, they’re not always new products (though lots of them are this month) – It’s just nice to look back on the month and have a think about the things that have been really enjoyable from month to month.

Mostly make-up favourites (surprise surprise) plus a skincare item and a couple of randoms. Been really enjoying my make-up a lot this month.
Organic Surge ‘Daily Care Face Wash’ – I got this in my super bargain Organic surge order earlier this month (HERE) and I’ve used it most days since. It was a bargain (and would still have been at full price) and it’s a really big bottle and it’s a really nice product to use. I’m going to go into more details when I get around to a full review. 
Maybelline ‘Dream Pure BB cream in light – At last! A BB cream that fits my skin tone, it’s not too dark! There’s much more to this but I’m planning to review it really soon, this is just the best product in ages for me. I’ve worn it a Lot. 
MUA: Make Up Academy blushes – These are all from the new range of MUA blushes and I’ve been reaching for these more than any others this month. Two of them are ones I picked up myself and the other two were from my blog swap from earlier this month (HERE). The formula is beautiful and the shades just lovely to wear – I’ve got a brighter pink, a paler pink, a more orangey shade and a peachey shade; pretty much the best shades for me at the moment. 
Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in ‘Kiss me coral’ – I got this in the blog swap with Fiona, too and I am utterly, utterly obsessed. I’ve worn this almost every day since she sent it to be and I am in love. The shade is just gorgeous, the formula is lovely and not at all sticky – Love. Before I got this I was wearing more balmy products and still on the pencil lip products but this has totally reawakened me to glosses. Before I got into beauty to the extent that I did I used to pretty much only wear lip glosses, but normally shimmery ones, I liked shimmer a Lot. 
MUA Eyebrow pencil in brunette – I’ve not been doing much with my brows for quite a while, other than fixing with my brow gel (clear mascara). This makes it super easy, again, so I’m actually bothering. For that, I love this. 
Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl in brown – I’d not been wearing eyeliner much up until this month but thanks to the next product I have been again. But on the days that I’ve not been wearing full eye liner I’ve been liking using this brown kohl pencil to line the upper waterline and add the effect of fullness to the roots of the lashes. I hadn’t been doing this until more recently and I’m really liking the look – I find it easier to use brown as it’s a little less intense than black. 
L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim – Finally got hold of a slim enough liner that I can get a nice, narrow line on my upper lash line! (Should be reviewing this soon) 
Real Techniques shading brush – Another item from my blog swap with Fiona (yup, That’s how well she did!). I’m absolutely loving this brush and how easy it is to use, I really am tempted to get the rt eye brush set now (naughty enabler, Fiona!)
Color Club polishes – I got these in my June Birchbox (HERE) in the shades ‘Pardon my French’ and ‘London Calling’. I’ve used these a few times this month and absolutely love the weird mix between neon and pastel. When I’m wearing them I just can’t stop looking at my fingers, they’re so captivating.
Popcorn – Popcorn is one of the things that Azii and I share a love for and we’ve been really enjoying it more than ever this month. It’s not always been Butterkist but has been most of the time. You can’t beat a bit of Butterkist, especially the ‘Cinema Sweet’ flavour. We prefer the bags but the microwavable ones are a lot more money saving which is why we got them for our ‘big night in’ which is where this box came from. Pop corn pop corn pop corn! 
Ricky Gervais Show – We finished watching Lost this month and so we needed to start on another series. We managed to get series 1-3 for a super bargain, just after s3 came out and we’re really, really enjoying it. Absolute and utter hilarity! If you’ve not watched it, give it a go. 


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