Kids are flippin’ funny #40

Oh the sweetest and funniest moment the other day.

My cat, Penny, isn’t very fond of Ethan. Never has been and I don’t think she ever will be. Even before he started chasing her she didn’t like him and the chasing part doesn’t exactly help things.

So, if she ventures out of my room during the day and needs to get outside she’ll end up in the hallway yowling desperately as she knows he’ll be there to get her soon! (No we don’t condone him doing it, we try to stop him,, but the more she runs the more he wants to chase her – A bit like a dog I guess)

But, the other day he was in the living room with me and he heard Penny yowling in the hallway and he said:

‘What’s wrong Penny?’ . . . ‘Do you want to go on my scooter?’ . . . ‘You can play on my scooter if you want!’

The idea of a cat on a scooter makes me giggle, a lot, but the fact that he was willing to let ‘someone’ else go on his scooter was so sweet and the fact that he wanted to make her feel better, very very sweet. Still chased her today, mind you, but there you go!


  1. admin July 22, 2013 / 11:00 am

    Just a shame he chases her the rest of the time! hehe

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