Local Summer Fete

We had a lovely afternoon out the other afternoon as we popped along to the local summer fete. It was lovely weather and there was loads of people around plus all sorts of things to see; stalls selling jewellery, crafts and cakes, fairground rides, games, a bouncy castle, a helter skelter, an icecream van and dog shows.

The bouncy castle was run by ladies who run the nursery that Ethan will be starting at in a few days so it was nice to say hello and they recognised him and were lovely with all of the children. He went on the bouncy castle twice even though he didn’t bounce, he just kinda ran around and fell down a lot but he loved it all the same.

We had a lovely wander around and looked at everything, though he was Very unimpressed that he wasn’t allowed on the helter skelter (it was Massive) but he did go on a fairground ride with Grandma and we won a cuddly toy with hook a duck!

We had a bit of a whinge from the little monkey whilst looking around the stalls but after we bought some cakes to take home he was much better behaved, funnily enough! Before we went we found another stall where some people who run a sports clubs for little ones had some ball games set up and he had massive fun with that, was Very difficult to drag him away from that! 
Finally, on our way out, we discovered that a police car and a fire engine had arrived, Ethan didn’t want to go in the police car but he absolutely jumped at the chance of getting in the fire engine! He was very good at waiting his turn and sweetly asked the man if it was his turn yet, and before anyone could help him he climbed up the insanely steep steps, they were almost vertical like a ladder but he wasn’t going to let that stop him! He had a lovely time in there and he got given Two stickers rather than just one because the man told him that he was such a polite little boy! Very proud of my boy and we had a really lovely day. 
We had to pay for the bouncy castle, fair ground ride, hook a duck and obviously the cakes but they weren’t expensive for what they were and you could easily have just gone and had a picnic without spending any money. I like days out like this where you’re supporting the local community, too, it was very nice as we’ve not really felt like much of the community here as we’re very much on the outskirts of the area we live in.
Also the cakes, which were made by a local lady, were Amazing!!! 

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