Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My June competition wins!

This post has been delayed as I've been waiting for some of the other things I won to arrive but they're still not here so the two that haven't arrived will have to go in a post for July (along with my actual July win, yay)

The three things that I have actually got, this month are a Nails inc polish in 'Queen Victoria Street', a bottle of Brothers Cider and a Max Factor Clump Defy mascara!

This polish is an absolute nightmare to photograph. Looks like a lovely turquoise, right? Nope, it's actually a stunning emerald colour but it's just crazily hard to get any camera to show that! I love love love it, though, and am so pleased I was lucky enough to win it. (I got this in the Stella beauty giveaway)

I don't know if they're still doing it, but if you like cider then pop on over to the Brother's facebook page and see if they're still running their giveaway. They were/are basically doing a riddle every day and the first so many people to get it right get a voucher for a free bottle. Luckily Asda do the flavour that I wanted to try the most so I have a bottle of Toffee apple cider sitting in my fridge. Still not managed to drink it as I got it amidst the series of headaches I've been having but, hopefully, will be able to have it this week! 

I also won this in the Stella beauty awards - I don't need more mascaras, I keep getting them in beauty boxes and I already had a backup of my S&G one from the xmas set but never mind, they're mascaras, I like mascaras! (though this does mean I definitely can't justify getting the new maybelline plush just yet :( ) 

Hopefully my other two competition wins will show up so I can put them in a post for my July wins so that my win for this month won't be lonely. But Yay, so glad that my competition entering has come to something! 


  1. Nice ! :)

  2. Well done you!! I love Brothers cider especially the toffee apple one :)