Tuesday, 2 July 2013

NOTD - Nail of the Day - Polka dots on Mememe's 'Decadent'

I really like dusky shades of nail polish and Mememe cosmetics have a few within their range. This is 'Decadent' their dusky raspberry shade and I absolutely love it, the muted and subtle tones of warmer, brighter colours just works really well in my opinion. The range of shades is one of the reasons that I like Mememe's nail polish range. 

I decided to do it with polka dots in MUA's 'All Nude' and I think it works quite nicely, it has an almost vintage feel to it though without being too in your face.


  1. I really like this. The warm shades would work really well come autumn and winter xx

  2. Yeah, definitely more autumnal colours. It kinda reminds me of fairtytale toadstools too hehe xx

  3. They look lovely, that shade is gorgeous! :) I love polka dot nails especially as its the only nail art I can do, haha xxx

    1. Haha that's definitely one reason to like it. I do think that, despite being relatively accessible, it's a really lovely effect and really finishes a look off. Plus it can look super retro even if you've got a nice simple outfit - Love me some polka dots hehe xx