Our day out to the Cotswold Wildlife park

We were very lucky, the other day, and my mum treated us to a day at the Cotswold Wildlife park. The park isn’t too far from us so it’s great that it doesn’t take hours and hours to get there and I used to go there when I was little so I love that I can take Ethan there now.

We had the best time. Ethan didn’t know where we were going as I wanted to surprise him; the first animals we saw were the penguins and he was sooo excited!

We saw loads of animals, went on a train ride around the park, had a picnic and then Ethan played in the adventure playground before we went home via the gift shop. It was soooo hot that we were all smothered in sun cream but I managed to miss two patches on myself and have some nasty burns which just shows how well the sun cream did on the rest of me! Thankfully there was lots of shaded areas around the park so we were able to stay sheltered from the sun for a good portion of the time.

I think I’ll just post lots and lots of pictures, now, so you can see how lovely it was. I really enjoyed taking pictures now that I have a decent camera to do it with, I’m so pleased with how some of them came out, you’d have no idea that I was really, really zoomed in for a good number of them.














This goat stalked me quite a bit.





I think the pictures speak for themselves really. You’ll see that we went a bit nuts in the gift shop – Azii got the big lemur and one of the giraffes for his little girl, and he got the parrot for Ethan too. I got Ethan the zebra and the bat and then my mum got him a giraffe, a lemur, a crocodile and a raccoon. Seems a little crazy but they were actually Such reasonable prices and it’s not often we do things like this. Oh and the otter and the meerkat? Well those are mine, *ahem* I love otters and meerkats and still love soft toys too!

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