Our ‘first date’

Yup, you read that right, I’m writing about mine and Azii’s first date. And, no, I don’t mean I’m reminiscing about the past, we had our first ‘real’ date a couple of weeks ago.

The first time we met we went for a coffee and walked around town a bit but it wasn’t so much a date as a ‘just checking we get along in real life like we do online’ (Yup, we met via online dating).

And since then, due to the fact that I was a single parent when we met, where my house is and how difficult for me to get to town and the fact that we lived an hours train ride away from each other, we didn’t really get to ‘date’ in the obvious way. We were pretty much forced into living ‘real life’ from the outset. To be honest, I’d not have had it any other way, it worked just fine for us and we’re where we are now.

But, it is a bit weird that we’ve been back together over a year (long story), we live together and we’re getting married next year, but we’ve never had a real date! I know that stuff doesn’t really matter, but we’ve never even been for a meal together or the cinema!

Clearly, that had to change.

So, when Azii had some time off a couple of weeks ago, we had an afternoon together whilst Ethan was at nursery, followed by an evening out together whilst my mum had him after nursery and did his dinner and bed.

Ok, so we weren’t exactly very daring and didn’t do anything particularly exciting. But we did the sorts of things we wished we’d have been able to do throughout our time together, especially when getting to know each other.

We had to ‘go for coffee’ of course the weather was boiling so that became cookie, mocha frappacino thingys. But they were very very tasty, even if it did give us brain freeze (which turned into a full on headache for me).  Also, this was a bargain as I’d previously got a groupon which got me £10 credit at Starbucks for only £5 (plus about 30p back to topcashback)
We also went around loads of shops (A poundland and primark haul will follow). The most exciting shop, for us, though was going to Waterstones. Yup, book shopping. We didn’t actually buy anything as it would’ve been a lot to carry around, but neither of us had had the chance to just browse in a book shop for the longest of time. And we’re both utter book worms. Plus the air con was heavenly! 
We’d never been to the cinema together and I’d not been to the cinema at all for over a year. So we took advantage of orange wednesday (and spent the money we saved on the second ticket on pop corn!) and we went to see World War Z. It was a really good film, might not seem very ‘date’ like to most but I’m a horror movie sort of gal and Azii is a total zombie obsessive! 
Lastly we went to Frankie and Benniest and shared a pizza and fries which was good. We Like pizza… in fact Azii Really likes pizza.

Unfortunately we’d also had to stop off at Tesco on the way to F+B’s as my headache was getting really bad and I needed extra meds to add to my regular ones. But hey, that’s what a date with a fibro sufferer is like, and Azii’s more than aware of that.
We didn’t do anything groundbreaking and we were home by 10 but we really had such a nice time being able to spend time together, out of the house. Doing ‘normal’ non parenty stuff. 
Once we move out of my mums we won’t be able to do these things so easily so, hopefully, we’re going to take advantage of orange wednesdays a few more times before we move out. Give ourselves some grown up time. We both love being parents but it’s nice to have some non-parent time too! 


  1. Kate Musgrove July 24, 2013 / 11:15 am

    That is so lovely. I wish you all the best with your wedding plans, I met my fella online too hence why hes a geordie and I'm from lancashire the distance between us was two and half to three hours in the car and I just turned 17 at the time lol. If its meant to be it will be of course you two were 🙂 xx

  2. Kate Linay July 24, 2013 / 12:18 pm

    i know what its like being a single mum and being in a relationship, its hard balancing everything and finding time not only for yourself but for time as a couple, me and my partner have been together 15 months and not been out together just the 2 of us but hopefully soon that will change. glad you had a great time and hope all pans run smoothly xx

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