Sunday, 28 July 2013

Our Play Foam bargain and first impressions / Mini review!

I follow a company called 'Learning Resources' on facebook (HERE) and enjoy checking out the items they have for sale as they often have some really interesting buys. I was, though, astounded when a comment popped up on my news feed that they had a sale running which had marked down the 'Creativity Kit' by 'Play Foam' from the £20 mark to a little over £4. When I went on the site I expected to be paying a chunk of p+p costs but was amazed to see that they had a free p+p code too, absolutely unbelievable bargain!

The service from Learning resources was great and they responded with lovely comments when I posted on their facebook. Our order, also, arrived really really quickly! Instantly Ethan was fixated on what the set was, what he could do with it and when he could play with it - That's always a good start!

The kit comes with 9 big blocks of play foam, all in different colours and some with glitter in too. To go with the set is some basic crafting bits and bobs; some lolly pop sticks, googly eyes, some thread, some pom poms etc. The size of the kit, and what comes with it, is further proof of how much of a bargain this was! 

If you don't know what play foam is, the best way to describe it is little white balls suspended in sticky, malleable stuff. Yup, you can see my english degree at work right there, can't you. 

Ok so the stuff isn't easy to explain but it's, basically, brilliant. It's really really easy to squash up, mould into different shapes and just has a really satisfying feeling to it. Plus, their main claim, is that it never dries out! 

Being the mean, and sensible Mummy that I am, I suggested that we only play with the one colour to start with, just to get used to the stuff and to make sure we weren't going to wreck it straight away, etc. But despite that we still had Loads of fun playing with it! 

Ethan wanted me to make him a bunny so, of course, I obliged. I don't actually think it's too bad a resemblance! 

And Ethan believed in it enough that he had fun bouncing it around the table... until he decided to destroy it. Yup, those toddler urges are strong.

He was very, very proud of his pineapple! 

And this was his dessert island after one of the trees fell down. He actually made a whole series of islands and decided it was where Abney and Teal live and happily played out some imaginary stories with just some blobs of play foam! 

Blowing out the candles on the birthday cake he made. He spent a lot of time rolling the pieces into sausage shapes for the candles and it was a great effort for a little boy who's often a bit funny about textures and tactile things. 

And, lastly, our mono coloured burger! Ethan didn't mind though, he thought it was fab regardless. 

I think these photos show how fantastic this stuff is, really. When you consider we only used one colour and a lot of imagination, Ethan did so much and 'made' so much. So just think how much more could be done with two, three, four colours and then the added accessories too. 

This toy was great fun for a little one of Ethan's age, but it'd be equally fun for an older child who's more competent at building figures, making more realistic shapes etc. I enjoyed it so I think that this would appeal to a whole range of ages and is just amazing stuff. 

And does it dry out? Well this ball of the stuff has been in a food bag since we played with it and it's just fine. Very impressed! 


  1. Oh wow that looks really interesting! Looks like Play doh but cleaner!


  2. Yup, you got it! It's got a nice, satisfying texture, too, and I'm soo impressed with it not drying out! xx

  3. Is it sad that I want this to play with omg. I mist purchase some for the kids (for me) haha xx

    1. If it's sad then I'm sad, too, I loved it as much as Ethan did hehe! xx

  4. This looks like so much fun!

    I just hopped over to their FB page and website to find this deal, but either I'm looking in the wrong place or the price has gone up + p&p

    Do you still have a link to the deal? Would be ever so grateful if you could email it to me! Thank you!

    1. I think the offer has finished, unfortunately. But keep them added on fb, I'm sure they'll have other offers at other times!

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