Poundland and primark haul – July 2013

I know lots of people are fans of Primark and Poundland hauls so I thought I’d share what I got when we did our bit of shopping when Azii and I had the afternoon together. It was sooo nice being able to go around Primark without having to worry about Ethan getting bored. I didn’t buy much but it was a lovely experience, stress free shopping, I’d forgotten what that was like! 
I absolutely love this little compact mirror. I have various mirrors floating around but this is, by far, by favourite ever. It was £1 from Primark and is soo pretty and so sturdy especially considering the price. Azii actually spotted this, yup, I was impressed too!
All of the clothes are really creased in these photos, sorry, they’d been left in a bag longer than normal. This pretty floral/rose print top is in a shiny, sheer fabric which is soo light for the summer. It’s longer at the back than the front and looks so nice with skinny jeans. It was a bargain at £4.

Another absolute bargain £5 primark dress. This one was a total no brainer – It’s a light cotton fabric in the front but the panel at the back, above the cinched waist, is lace. It’s a skater style and the light fabric makes it really nice and floaty. It’s a really comfortable dress and just, so so pretty. I’m wearing it today and I love it. 

I’ve actually already got one of these shirts. They’re sleeveless and really long, the fabric is very sheer so they wear nicely with skinny jeans and a vest underneath (or not depending on how you want to wear it) – I bought this simply because it was marked down to £2 and the first one I have is so comfortable and easy to wear. 

 We weren’t going to go to poundland as I didn’t Need any bargain cosmetics. But we were near by, and you know what it’s like! I’m so pleased we did go, the bargains I got were well worth it! Make-up wise, the one on the left is a bronzer and blush duo by Milani (which I Believe you can only get in the US?) and the one on the right is a single eyeshadow by Famous by Sue Moxley which is a lovely dark taupey colour and is a really nice shadow.

I’d been looking to get some of the strawberry cream dairy milk but whenever I went to a shop it wasn’t there so I was Very pleased to see it in poundland (SO tasty too!)

Lastly we got two dvds. I couldn’t believe that they were in there, there’s often some half decent films in poundland but I was surprised to see these two in there. We got ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning’ and ‘Halloween II’ (the remake version) – They may turn out to be rubbish films but for £1 each it’s hardly going to be a shame if they do!

Some proper bargains from both Poundland and Primark on this shopping trip!


  1. Kate Musgrove July 25, 2013 / 11:36 am

    I must get that dairy milk. It better be in my local asda tomorrow. Yummy. If you like lindt they just come out with some tasty new bars but only available in sainsburys. I tried caramel and brownie xx

    • admin July 25, 2013 / 4:16 pm

      Oh definitely try some, soo tasty! (Even when it's a bit squishy which ours was after being in our warm bedroom a while when we ate it)

      Oooh that sounds Really tasty! We don't shop at sains anymore but there's a mini one in town, I may need to see if they stock that as it sounds tooo good! xx

  2. Kim Carberry July 25, 2013 / 6:56 pm

    Ohh our Poundland has sold out of the Strawberries & Cream chocolate and are getting no more in…I could cry…lol

    • admin July 25, 2013 / 7:13 pm

      Oh boo! I've seen it on offer a few other places, too, so keep an eye out!

  3. Claire Brownbill July 26, 2013 / 9:15 am

    I know everyone has said it but my eye is on the Strawberries and cream chocolate! My favorite is dairy milk with oreo in it!

    And I love the little mirror compact, thats a steal for a pound! Reminds me of my nan and auntie when I was younger who had those compacts with those type of patterns on – very nostalgic!




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