Soap & Glory – The Breakfast Scrub – Review

Time for another review of a lovely Soap and Glory product which I enjoy. This time it’s their exfoliator ‘The Breakfast Scrub’.

I have tried quite a few of the Soap and Glory scrubs and I, honestly, can’t decide which is my favourite. I, obviously, love the ones which contain my favourite ‘Original Pink’ scent which are ‘Flake Away’ and ‘The Scrub of your Life’ but I really, really enjoy all of the others too. 
I really wasn’t sure whether or not I’d like this scrub very much but I like using my Soap & Glory bath and body products in their scent families and so I wanted something to go with my cakey scented ‘Rich and Foamous’ and ‘Smoothie Star’ – With ingredients like bananas, almond and honey this seemed like the perfect ‘foody’ accompaniment. But it also has a maple syrup fragrance and I’m not a massive fan of maple syrup, generally.  

Turns out that doesn’t matter in the slightest – The smell of the syrup is strong in this but, for me, it’s not too strong it’s actually just the right amount! In fact I find the scent utterly divine and will smell it whenever I get the chance.

This stuff has a really satisfying consistency. There’s just something about it; it’s maple syrup so you expect it to be sticky and it is! Not too sticky, just the right amount. It’s got a really nice feel to it when you gloop it out of the tub. 
I even really like the shape of the tub on this one, rather than being a squat cylindrical shape like normal scrub tubs, this one is rounded to the base, like a bowl – Rather fitting to the name, perhaps! 
In terms of the scrubability (totally a word!) of this product, I really like it. It’s not their harshest scrub but it’s strong enough that you feel like it’s doing its job (I’d say that if I had a scale of scrub, it’d be between the middle and the top). Part of the fibro is that I can get really painful and sensitive skin from time to time, and when that happens I had to avoid scrubs most of the time (apart from the gentlest) – I can’t use this when I’m at my most sensitive but I could use it more readily than I could use ‘Flake Away’ which is quite a strong scrub. 
When it comes down to it, I love this scrub. It does the job really well, helping to soften and smooth your rougher bits and it also leaves a nice, moisturising residue. It smells heavenly and it has that wonderful tactile experience too. 
At £8 a tub, this isn’t cheap. But you get 300ml in the tub and it lasts really well. You don’t need tonnes and tonnes per use and so you won’t be running out within the week. If you Hate maple syrup this isn’t for you but if you’re a little uncertain then find a way of giving this a sniff as you might be pleasantly surprised. 


    • admin July 12, 2013 / 11:15 am

      I wasn't sure I'd really get on with this one but I love it now! Xx

  1. Claire Brownbill July 12, 2013 / 1:22 pm

    I love the Sugar crush scent and I so want the body butter!


    • admin July 27, 2013 / 12:33 pm

      See if you can check the scent first as some will like it some won't, but if you do, heavenly!

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