Monday, 1 July 2013

What's in a name

Ok so when I started the blog I wasn't sure about using our real names. I knew that some people avoided using them and some people aren't too bothered. I opted to just use The Boy for my son and The Fiance for... well my fiance.

But I just think it's got to a point where I'm finding it hard work to keep correcting myself and I just don't like 'The Fiance' and 'The Boy'. I don't think anything's going to chance if people know our names, it doesn't change anything, really and you don't know any big details about us.

So, I think a lot of you know but I'm Laura. And also 'The Boy' is Ethan and 'The Fiance' is Azii. So much easier!


  1. Ethan <3 such a lovely name :D I'm glad that you'll start using their names.

    1. I definitely much prefer it this way :) xx