Your Tea’s – 14 day Tiny Tea Teatox – Introduction and First impressions

Update – This is my intro post – Please do read on so that you can understand why I’m did the teatox, my expectations etc. BUT I’ve started and finished my Teatox now so to see my Day one Post click HERE and to see my end of the Teatox post click HERE
I saw mention of the ‘Tiny Tea Teatox’ a couple of months ago and it sparked my interest. Rather than conventional ‘dieting teas’ that you may be familiar with, the Tiny Tea Teatox doesn’t have a laxative effect, it is aimed at helping digestion which, in turn, helps with how our body processes our food. I’m not going to explain a Lot about what it aims to do as they have a fantastic website with really comprehensive information on there and they can, without a doubt, explain it better than I can. So, if you want to know more, click HERE. 

I got in touch with the lovely people over at ‘Your Tea’ after reading the way in which this tea works as I wondered if it would be able to help with my fibro – I have some big problems with digestion, related to the fibro, and also I read that the tea can help with energy too and that’s something that I lack due to the fibro too. Not to mention that, now that the fibro is as bad as it is, I’ve put on some weight so I’d love to see if this can help do something about that.
I explained the fibro to the team and asked them if they thought that their tea would be helpful to me. I was only making an enquiry as they didn’t ship internationally, but I was interested for when they did. After being asked to get back in touch with them towards the end of June, I spoke to them again, recently, and they were so lovely and have sent me one of their 14 day teatox’s to try out and report back to you guys as to what it does for me!

They still don’t ship internationally, but are taking pre-orders so that when they do start to ship internationally on the 9th of September they can start sending orders out straight away. I wanted to get that in there towards the beginning to save any confusion – The great thing is is that gives me time to try the tea out, let you know what I think and then you can pre-order and get some yourselves if you’re interested.
I absolutely love the packaging that the tea came in. The box is just beautiful and the design is stunning. I know these things aren’t of utmost importance but it definitely gives an impression of a company and, for me, the packaging of this gives a Great impression.
I’m not going to be starting my ‘Teatox’ straight away as I want to time it to be after a certain time of the month so that I can avoid the inevitable bloating that takes part then and give it a chance on a more even starting point.
Once I start I’ll be drinking the tea 30 minutes before all three meals of the day, for 14 days. The results I’ve seen from other people make me so so excited to try this out. My diet isn’t perfect but it’s not bad either. I’ve let it slip for the past few months so whilst I’m getting ready to start the ‘teatox’ I’m going to get my diet back into a better shape which will put me in the best position to lose weight, and then maintain that once the teatox has finished.
So, watch this space. I can’t wait to let you all know how I’m getting on with this. I think this will appeal to those of you here for beauty, those of you who’re parents and those of you here for the fibro aspects of things, too, so I’m so pleased to let you all know what I think and how this works out for me.
Thanks again to the lovely team over at Your Tea for all their help and for asking me to test and review the tea!
This post contains pr samples, please see disclaimer here.


  1. admin September 18, 2013 / 9:53 pm

    Good luck with it!

  2. Anonymous October 4, 2013 / 2:43 pm

    Ordered mine in Canada… it's my first day and I have been running to the washroom all day! Apparently this is because it's flushing out all the toxins in my body which is great! Hoping I get results after 14 days. 🙂

    Goodluck to all.

  3. roula December 1, 2013 / 1:37 am

    they were so very rude and if you write any bad review about them they block you, they don't stand behind their products what so ever, it is so very expensive i wish they would train their staff to be more professional,and just to let you know i am not a big girl to start with and i wasn't looking for a magic way to loss weight, my goal was to feel more energetic and to get less bloated , hope my review will help at least one person:).

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