Amie Skincare – Morning Clear facial wash and Morning dew moisturiser – Review

The Amie skincare range is one that’s been popping up more and more within the blogsphere and it’s really easy to see why. Their products are made with, on average, 95% natural ingredients as well as being free from the harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and other nasites that we so often hear about and despite this they are Still sold at a really affordable price!
The product that I’ve heard the most about is the Spring Clean Cooling Clay mask which is raved about by soo many people and is always really, really hard to get hold of. As it happens I was able to get hold of a tube, thanks to a link from the lovely Kate at ‘Sparkle Dust’ but I’ve still not been able to use it as I’ve been avoiding head bands since my head injury. I do think I’ll be using it, really, really soon.
I do also have their New Leaf skin exfoliating polish which I got in a Beauteco box which smells almost edible but I don’t use too often as I don’t use exfoliators with particles in on my face very often (When I do use one it is that one, though)
Soo, when the opportunity to test and review two of their other products from the range became available I snapped up the chance!


With packaging similar to the rest of the range these two products look cute, natural and fun which adds an extra level of appeal. I have been using both the Morning Clear purifying facial wash and the Morning Dew matte-finish moisturiser every morning for a week now, so that I can give them a good go and tell you what I think about them.
The face wash claims to give you clean skin which feels soft and smooth and the moisturiser says it offers soft, dewy and shine-free skin. And, being honest, I feel that both of those claims are totally accurate.
The morning clear wash is a lovely soft pink colour with a really subtle smell which can only really be described as creamy and sweet; though I think that if you have a problem with smells this shouldn’t be too bad for you as it really is a very gentle scent. I absolutely love the texture of this product, though, it’s so very, very creamy and luxurious feeling.
When I use it I massage it into my face and neck and then I leave it for a minute or two before I get a flannel as hot as I can stand without being too hot and I press it onto my face and hold it there for a while. Then with a second hot flannel I wipe the product away. I find that if I wipe it away the first time it leaves a bit of a residue but with the way I described above it leaves the skin really clean and so so soft and smooth. My skin has been amazing this past week – I can’t say that it’s totally down to this as I’ve changed a couple of other things, too, but I think that this is a big part of it.
The moisturiser is a really nice product as well. It has a nice, fresh scent but again it’s incredibly subtle, and it is very light and sinks into the skin really quickly. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw that it is meant to be a matte-finish moisturiser but now that I’ve been using it I really like what it does for my skin. Weirdly, the way I was going to describe this actually fits really well with the claims on the tube and at that point I hadn’t read that part. I don’t think that this cream makes my skin matte in the sense that it’s flat and lifeless, it does help reduce any areas with a shine but it really does still leave my skin looking really dewy. It really does make my skin look so much more radiant than normal and that’s not what I expected from a matte-finish moisturiser.
My skin isn’t super oily so I don’t know how it would work for someone who does struggle with that but I do think it might be worth a try.
All in all, I really recommend both these products and I am so glad I was able to try them. I will definitely be keeping them as part of my skincare routine and unless something even more amazing comes along I think they might even make the cut as re-purchase items which facial washes and moisturisers don’t tend to be, for me.
(These products retail at £4.95 each from the Amie site, HERE)

This post contains PR samples – See disclaimer here


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