Sunday, 25 August 2013

Another giveaway! Want to win a beauty box? Get an August, Instyle edit, Birchbox - ENDED

I really wasn't planning on running two giveaways at the same time but I am going to be getting a duplicate of the August birchbox due to Azii taking up a special offer and giving it away as a giveaway prize seems like the Perfect thing to do with it!

I'm not going to tell you what's in the box before I send it because half the fun of getting a beauty box is the surprise! If you want to know one of the possible combinations then you can check out what I got in my August box HERE or you could go on to the Birchbox website and see what the whole selection of things is (if you're not familiar with Birchbox, they'll send 4 or 5 items out of the whole selection from that month)

I don't know when I'll be getting the box but I believe it'll be within the next two weeks so that's how long I'm going to run the giveaway for. Once it arrives I'm going to check that it's all ok (as sometimes people get missing items etc) and then I'll re-package it and send it right on to the winner.

As with all of my giveaways this is going to be run via rafflecopter - The only mandatory thing will be to follow me via the Google Friend connect widget to the right but there'll be a few other optional entries which will be totally up to you.

But most of all, good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
- The giveaway us UK only due to p+p costs.
- If you're under 18 you'll need permission from your parents to enter.
- I'll be sending it via second class recorded delivery.
- When the giveaway ends I'll email the winner and they'll need to reply within 48 hours.


  1. Oooh would loooove to win this.
    fingers and toes crossed

    Laura x

  2. Please allow Rafflecopter competition entry via e-mail, comment etc.

    Rachel Craig

  3. I was reading about the birchbox yesterday, so really intrigued at what is in it and how it compares o the other beauty boxes!! Either way great prize!!

  4. I love surprises! I have been trying to win one of these for a while just to see what they are like. Perhaps this time I'll be lucky :)

    Good luck to all entrants.

  5. Always wondered what these were like ? lovely giveaway.. thank you :)

  6. thankyou for the lovely birchbox giveaway

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