BeautecoBox – Unboxing – August 2013 box

Each month I’ve been more and more impressed with BeautecoBox and this month is no exception. The amount of full sized products, the fantastic brands, the variety, the quality… astounding. In all honesty, for those who aren’t sure about beauty boxes but are tempted to give one a go? Try BeautecoBox, they’re the same price as other boxes but there’s an added element of choice involved, they have a ‘pause’ feature for months you don’t want a box (though I’m yet to find out how the feature works) and the types of products you get are outstanding, three or four full sized products and one or two good sized samples – Just wonderful. 

So, what did I get in this months box? 
Oh yes, just  look at that lovely selection of goodies. Three full-sized products and two nice sized samples plus a mixture of cosmetics and skin-care! And no, your eyes are not deceiving you, that Is Melvita and Lord & Berry in there; Two pieces by Lord & Berry at that! 

First up we’ve got the Arran Aromatics lavender and tea tree facial wash. This facial wash is supposed to cleanse, deeply and also tone and revive the skin, it has unusual looking exfoliating particles in it and it smells just as you’d expect it to. I love the look of this product, the interesting shade of blue, the stylish design etc. I love different facial washes so am looking forward to trying this out. This is one of the full sized products, it’s 100 ml and retails at £12.95.
This is the first of the samples and is the S5 calm serum which is meant to target and sooth red and sensitive skin. It’s a 10ml sample but looking at how thick and creamy it is I feel like it’ll be a case of a little goes a long way so hopefully I’ll be able to get a good use out of this. I enjoy trying different serums as I’m yet to find ‘the one’ and this one seems really interesting. The full size of this is 30ml and retails at £44 so this sample is a really good value one too. 
The other sample in this box is the Melvita orange blossom water spray. I have the rose version of this and it’s really nice so I was pleased to get the chance to try the orange blossom one. This is a 28ml sample and having used the rose one I know that I’ll get plenty of uses out of this. I’ve given this a sniff and it smells just gorgeous, really rich, citrusy and spicy – Yum. Another great sized sample that I can’t wait to use. The full sized sample of this is 100ml and costs £15.50 so, again, this is a good sized sample and of good value.

Lastly we’re on to the two cosmetics items that had me really excited when I saw the menu’s for this months box – Two lip products by Lord and Berry! First up we’ve got one of their Kissproof lip pencils in the shade Blossom which I’ve swatched just here:

The pencil is really opaque and creamy and the matte colour is just beautiful; I really like this sort of deep, dusky, pink rose shade and I think I’m going to really enjoy this product. The leaflet says that this can be used as both a lipstick and a lip liner so I’m looking forward to experimenting to see how this works best for me. When I tried to rub this swatch off it did not want to budge so I’m anticipating some good longevity from this product. This product retails for around £6.50 – £7.50 depending where you shop.

This last item in the box is one of the Lord & Berry Intensity lipsticks in the shade Peach Gleam. The texture of the lipstick is really rich and creamy and it feels as though it’d be really moisturising. It has some shimmer in it but when it’s on the skin it doesn’t make it look glittery or sparkly it just gives it a gorgeous sheen. 

I am in love with the shade of this lipstick and can’t wait to wear it once I put my make-up on shortly. Just look at that gorgeous shade – I don’t think there’s much more I need to say other than I Love it! These lipsticks retail at £12. 
As ever, well done BeautecoBox! Fantastic selection and some absolutely blow away brands! Lord & Berry is a brand I’ve wanted to try time and time again but I’ve always been well behaved and stopped myself so I am so so pleased to now have Two of their products. The value of the items in this box outweigh the cost by Far and three of the products will go straight into general use for me where the face wash and the serum will go into my back-up collection but most definitely won’t just sit in my boxes of samples as half the products from beauty boxes seem to.
I want to say this is my favourite box, yet, from Beauteco but I really do love the products from last months box too, so this now has joint top place with my July Box. Great job BeautecoBox, I’m already looking forward to next month! 


  1. Kate Musgrove August 8, 2013 / 12:30 pm

    Fantastic. This post wasn't on google reader newsfeed so I had to click the link from fb xx

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