Birchbox UK – Unboxing – August 2013

This is, again, the last box in the three month subscription I have. I really shouldn’t keep getting the boxes as it’s just not sensible but I think I might get at least one more, we’ll see! I really do enjoy the boxes, a lot.

I’ve had people say they’re planning to subscribe after my posts in the past and I’ve only recently realised there’s been a big missed opportunity for all of us because I’ve not shared my referral link with you! If anyone subscribes through my referral link then they’ll get £5 worth of reward points in their birchbox account and I will get the same – So we’d both benefit. Sorry to anyone who’s signed up following my previous posts, I should’ve remembered to share it before! But anyway, better late than never: anyway, on to my August box. This box is a collaboration both with InStyle which adds a nice extra element to the contents and adds to the variety. Here’s the standard filler photo to make sure no one sees things they don’t want to! 

And for those who want spoilers, here’s what I got! 

The first thing that I noticed were these Beautify Me vitamins by InnerMe. I recognised them instantly as I already have another pack of their vitamins, the Lustrous locks set. I’ve not tried them yet but they do seem interesting. I have quite a lot of supplement type things which I’ve collected over the months so these will get added to that. The Beautify me supplements are supposed to help skin, hair and nails. It’s two weeks worth which retails at £15. 

Next up we have the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. This is a 40ml sample which is a really good size so I’m quite pleased about that. I have wanted to try this for a while now after hearing about it soo often; it’s supposed to strengthen, nourish and prevent breakages. I look forward to giving this a go! You can get 150ml of this for £23.38. 

This is the beauty extra for this months box – A gel eye mask. I actually bought a gel eye mask a while ago but keep forgetting to use it, this one is a lot smaller and seems like it’d be more comfortable to wear, though. I’ve wanted to try this for the beauty aspects, like depuffing eyes but also for the health benefits of cooling the head area. This is a nice little extra which I’ll definitely get some use out of.

This is a 10 ml sample of Bluemandarines SkinLife Energetic Cellular cream which is supposed to brighten, refresh and protect skin. The leaflet says it’s a light cream so, if it is, the sample should contain a nice amount of uses. I’m not overly excited about this but I do like the claims and will definitely give it a good go once it resurfaces from my samples collection. The full size of this retails at £35.

Next I picked up the Gerda Spillmann Hydro Pearls sample which is another 10ml tube. I quite enjoy using primers and trying different ones out so I’ll definitely enjoy trying this out and 10ml should last nicely for a primer. A full size of this retails at £30.

Last but one is a 30ml bottle of Molton Brown Ylang-Ylang body wash. The smell is quite nice and not too overpowering but it’s not the sort of thing I’d normally go for. I will give this a go when I need a new body wash, though, and the purple colour is rather lovely! A full sized bottle of this would cost £18 which is quite a lot for body wash so unlikely to be something re-purchase.

Lastly I was quite excited to see this cute little miniature lip pencil by Laqa & Co. It’s a lovely red colour and it swatches nicely even with just one swipe.

I imagine it’s quite buildable but I didn’t want to use too much in the swatch as it’s such a tiny amount in the tube. That’s the main disappointment for me, the amount you see in the picture is all that there is. The idea of a smaller pencil is great, but I would have hoped that there was a little bit of product that could be twisted up. Either way, I think it’ll be nice to wear, and the other shade that other boxes have looks lovely too. I’m also quite impressed with the staying power of this, I only had that light swatch on my hand for a few minutes yet when I rubbed it off there’s still a stain left on the back of my hand. The full size of these is £14. 
All in all there was some good value, good quality items in this months box. I wasn’t super excited by the contents but I was still very happy with everything, I like the variety and I think most people would enjoy the contents.
Don’t forget that, if you want to sign up yourself for this months, or even for the surprise of next months then you can use the link I shared above as it’ll get us both £5 worth of reward points.

Also, if you’ve not seen the button at the top of my page, I’m running a giveaway at the moment and the prize is a box full of goodies all chosen by me, if you want to be in for the chance of winning a nice box of bits and bobs then take a look!

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