Glossybox UK – Unboxing – August 2013

Well, this month I was absolutely sure that Azii had remembered to cancel my subscription as everyone was getting their boxes Saturday and Monday but lo and behold, the delivery guy wanders on up with a glossybox for me, too, today! 
This months theme is highflyers so think handy, travel friendly, multi use type products from all over the world. I’ve also just realised, too, that everything I have in this box is full sized or a very very big sample!

Mhmm haircare, bodycare and cosmetics, a nice mix and some good brands – Nice.

First up is one of the TRESemme 60 second treatment shots. I hadn’t decided on this brand but I have been wanting to try out one of this sort of product so this is a welcome addition to my collection. I used to use Tresemme but haven’t for some time, I’m not against the brand though so I will definitely give this a go. These shots are priced at £1.49

Secondly I noticed another product from Jelly Pong Pong; one of their 2-in-1 eyeliner and shadow pencils in a nice pinky toned plum colour. As the name suggests these can be used as liners and as shadows; I’ve used it today as a liner. It’s not the softest pencil ever but it does go on ok if you work it a little. 

The shade is nice but there’s a definite pinkyness to it which can make you look unwell sometimes, luckily that seems to just avoid that for me. It seems to have a little shimmer in it but not that you’d notice on the eye, only from what I’ve seen on swatches on the hand. These retail at £10.50

This is a make-up remover pen by a Brazilian brand called Oceane and isn’t available in this country yet. It’s quite self explanatory, though, and I think it’ll come in handy for neatening up make-up as I can’t stand trying to rub off a small bit which has gone awry. I’m always wary that products like this will dry up but it does come with three extra tips for when the original is over-loaded with product.

Next up is a pair of eye lash curlers by a Swedish company called Emite Make Up. The leaflet in the box says that these products are made for the requirements of professional make-up artists and they do seem very nicely made. They come with three replacement pads which is good, too. I have some Vintage cosmetic company eyelash curlers that I love but I do think that a second pair wouldn’t go amiss and I do quite like that these are black and red. These retail at approx £20. 
Lastly is a tube of Eucerin Soothing Skin balm. This is the only sample in the box but is a really big sample, it’s a 40ml tube. The balm is a thick, uncoloured waxy feeling product which is quite different to most things I have at the moment. I instantly got it out and rubbed it onto the broken skin on my hands and, although it took a while to sink in, the sore patches are definitely feeling better now. This is something I’m really pleased to get and even more pleased that the full sized tube is 200ml and only costs £8.50 so if this stuff works as well as I’m hoping then it may get bought sooner rather than later!
All in all, another box that I’m really happy to have. I’ve definitely noticed an increase of really usable products from Glossybox, recently, less things that I’m just going to chuck into my samples box and things that will happily go into my collection straight away and get used really quickly.
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  1. Beauty by Tellie August 15, 2013 / 9:10 pm

    This is a lovely box! I am most interested in the Aquaphor balm, Oceane makeup remover and Jelly Pong Pong pencil 😀

    Beauty By Telie

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