Kids are flippin’ funny #42

Ethan recently got a few new t-shirts from Primark (no haul, sorry, I forgot to take photos before bundling them off to his room). One of the ones he got, the one he’s most excited about is one with Lightening Mcqueen on it from the film Cars.

So, I’m talking to him about getting him dressed and I say ‘Are you going to wear your car t-shirt today?’

He says yes and I wonder off to grab something from my room. I come back and he’s trying to reach something from his wardrobe. Perplexed, I ask him what he’s doing.

‘Getting my party shirt’ he says. Which is hung up on a rail and totally out of his reach.

I was having a slow morning and it actually took me a while to realise the confusion car t-shirt … party shirt… car t-shirt… party shirt.

A very easy mistake to make, but I did giggle, funny funny little boy.

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