Kids are flippin’ Funny #43

The television in our living room is, most definitely, on its last legs. It’s taken to just turning itself off sometimes and then sometimes it’ll turn back on straight away but sometimes it won’t for hours and hours. As it happens this isn’t all bad as it gives me a reason to have some extra no telly time for monkey boy. He’s not a fan, though, as it happens.

Yesterday, when the tv was in a phase of not going on at all Ethan came over to me and told me that ‘Grandma needs to get the ball from upstairs to put in the telly’. He then went in to the other room and told Grandma the same thing.

Neither of us had a clue what he meant.

About 15 minutes later it just suddenly struck me… he didn’t mean a ball, he meant ‘the portable’. He’d heard my mum say that if the tv broke entirely she’d get the portable from upstairs. Ethan, clearly, only heard the ball part.

It gets better, though. Today the telly had another episode (yup, it’s really on its last legs) and he wandered down the hallway jabbering about pokeballs… mhmm pokeballs like pokemon.

Again, it took me quite a while to realise that pokeball was meant to be portable… hehehe

Admittedly I’m quite pleased by it, when he mishears portable he hears pokeball – That’s my boy!

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