Miss Glossybox – Unboxing – July / August 2013

Before I knew that Azii hadn’t cancelled my Glossybox last month I ordered a Miss Glossybox because I wanted to give it a go for one month, and also there was a few pound off via topcashback.

My order managed to get lost in their system so it took quite a while to arrive and then, of course, all of my posts have been delayed quite a bit which is why the July/August box is only getting posted now even though I ordered it weeks ago.

Miss Glossybox, as you can tell by the name, is aimed at a younger beauty junky but the fact that it’s only £7, is bi-monthly and contains more re-purchasable high street items means that it appeals to a lot of people who’ve previously been interested in the normal Glossybox. Last months box contained a nail polish, eye liner and various other bits and bobs so I was expecting some cosmetics as well as some other bits.

As such I was a bit disappointed to not get any obvious cosmetics, but the contents of the lovely purple bag has grown on me.

I keep getting nail wraps at the moment and seeing as I’ve never used them before I’m quite excited to have built up a little collection so that I can start experimenting. This design isn’t something I’d have chosen myself but it’s quite fun and pretty so I think I’ll enjoy using these. I doubt I’ll want to use them on every nail but as an accent nail I think they’ll be quite lovely and, of course, will last longer.

This is a sample of Beyonce’s Midnight Heat perfume. I think everyone feels the same about perfume vials so not much to say about that.

I was quite pleased to see this in the bag, I really enjoy V05 styling products and have been getting a few recently. I’m not really looking for the backcombed look but a spray to add a bit of volume definitely won’t go amiss (and that’s what this does, it doesn’t do a crazy backcomb look but does add a nice level of volume, if you used more of it than I did then maybe you could get more of a backcombed look)

Glossybox lashes – I don’t use fake lashes but these look nice enough. I’ve put these to one side for my next give-away.

This is a bath macaroon by ‘Miss Patisserie’ called ‘Starlight’. I’m not much of a bath fizzer type but this smells Amazing! The whole end of my room where I’m storing this smells absolutely divine! I love love love the scent of this and I’m not sure I will want to use it because I want to keep the smell!

All in all? I wasn’t wowed by this box. The nail wraps aren’t really to my taste, two of the items are of no good to me at all but two are quite appealing. Value wise it is worth more than the cost of the box so that’s good and the items would please some more than others even if they weren’t quite my cup of tea.

Will I get it again? I’m not sure, I do like the price and I think there’s a real space for a good box here, but whether or not it will be, I guess time shall tell!


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