MUA: Make up academy – Colour Blast first impressions and swatches

Yay, my Colour Blasts by MUA arrived! I’ve been hoping they’d come quickly and, considering I wasn’t able to order them until early evening on Friday, they’ve come in pretty good time!

MUA have released a set of 6 Colour Blast eye tint pencils in a nice selection of colours; there’s the three neutrals that I have to show you today and then there’s also a dark charcoal colour, a dark purple and a light pink which add a nice extra dimension to the range.


Being a bit of a fan of neutrals it was an easy choice as to the first three for me to purchase; though I’d definitely like to add the other three to my collection in the future.
These three are called (l-r) ‘Stay’, ‘A girl like Me’ and ‘Bring it Back’.
As you can see we have a nice light, champagne colour, a nice medium taupey shade and then a darker, chocolatey shade with a hint of bronze. A pretty nice range of neutrals considering it’s only a collection of 6 shades.
And to the swatches! The colours are really nicely pigmented and very buildable plus they’re very nice, rich colours. I think they’ll give options for a large range of possible looks which is nice for something so affordable and considering we’re only looking at three shades.
And I thought you’d like to see how much shimmer they have – The champagne shade is the most shimmery, and then they get less shimmery the darker you get. I do like the amount of shimmer, though, I think it’s quite fitting to each shade and the darkest shade is nice in that it looks like a nice chocolate’y brown until the shimmer shows that bronzey tint.
These pencils are Uber affordable, as you’d expect from MUA, and at £3 each it’s really easy to build up a nice collection.
I am yet to see what their longevity is like so I can’t comment on that, really, but I can say that they don’t have that instant solidity that some other shadow pencils offer – But this is a good thing in terms of blendability, I think that these will be lovely to blend. It’s how they stand up in terms of their lasting ability that I will be keeping an eye on once I’ve worn them a few times. I’ll be sure to let you know once I have a better idea!


All in all, as far as first impressions go, I’m very pleased and really looking forward to trying this out!


  1. Kate Musgrove August 21, 2013 / 10:33 am

    These look just as good as the 24/7 urban decay eye pencils. Very pigmented. I love the two lighter shades xx

    • admin August 21, 2013 / 11:25 am

      Mm they don't set like the urban decay ones do so I'm going to see how long lasting they are. But the softer formula is as much a positive as negative as, as you know, the UD ones aren't great for blending as they set so quickly. So as long as the longevity isn't compramised I think they'll be really, really good. We'll see 😀 xx

  2. Katie August 21, 2013 / 6:28 pm

    I'm so jealous I really want these!xxx

  3. Anonymous August 22, 2013 / 11:38 am

    Have you tried them on your eyes?
    The shades are so nice, I think I will have to invest in them 🙂
    I love MUA, affordable yet good quality which is brill! x

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