Soap and Glory – Glow All Out Powder – Review

I’ve been meaning to write up this post for a while but it’s kept getting put back which is totally daft as this is one of those products I’d not want to be without. I have, of course, featured it in a couple of favourites of the month but it’s, most definitely, about time that I dedicate a whole post to this beauty. 
This is actually one of the products that I was in love with even before I became as obsessed with beauty as I am now, and my first one has lasted me a really good amount of time even though I’ll go through phases of using it for weeks and weeks in a row. I love this so much that I have had a back-up ready ever since I could even glimpse the pan through the base of it, not wanting to have to be without it between one ending and getting another. 
In typical Soap & Glory style the packaging is cute, vintage themed with a hint of glitz. The actual compact is card and closes with a magnetic mechanism which has a really nice feel to it, though when you’ve had it for a long time it will start to show some wear and tear.
That said, I’ve had this for over a year, it’s been in and out of various make-up bags and it’s been very very loved and, although it’s looking a bit tatty, it’s actually holding together just fine; there’s no problem with it breaking or with it not holding closed, it’s purely aesthetically that it’s suffered over time. 
The powder, itself, is a beautiful peachy, pinky shimmer and, when it’s new, it’s emblazoned with the beautiful Soap&Glory logo which gives it a really well made, high quality appearance. 
The texture of the product is so light and soft that it’s an absolute dream to use; it applies and blends with almost no effort at all – I’ve used it with a variety of brushes but the one I use, the most, now is my Real Techniques blush brush as it picks up just enough product but isn’t so harsh that it digs too much in to the powder. 
As you can see, from the swatch, although this powder looks like a bit much in the pan it’s actually really soft and subtle when you apply it. Rather than being glittery as some highlighting/luminizing powders are this adds a sheen or a glow to the skin. The only thing I’ve found difficult is that my camera seems intent on taking all of the colour out of the photo; this shimmer looks lovely enough but to the naked eye it’s actually got a gorgeous hint of peachy/pink to it. 
I find that this powder works in a variety of ways. The packaging suggests that you wear it on the cheekbones and jawline as you would a highlighter, but it also lists that you can wear it all over the face. I don’t tend to wear it as a full face product as I think it Would be a bit too much but I do sometimes wear it as I would wear a highlighter as it complements pretty much every blush that I own. Most often, though, I wear this on its own, instead of a blush, as it adds a real luminosity to the skin as well as that subtle hint of colour showing through. Quite a few times, when I’ve been wearing it, people have said I look so much more healthy than normal – Yup, that’s how good this product is! Though, of course, different skin tones will want to use this product in different ways, I do think that this would be beautiful on many tones though.
As I said before, this first one of mine is on its way out. Thankfully it isn’t the sort of product that crumbles once you reach the pan, it’s held together really well and as long as you’re careful with it it shouldn’t pose any problem at all. 
I really do love this powder and, especially in the warmer weather, it’s been such a fantastic low maintenance product to make a bright, natural look with very very little effort. 
As with other Soap&Glory products you can get this from Boots stores and the Boots website. It retails at £11 which is a decent price, though Boots very regularly have a whole host of offers so it’s well worth keeping an eye on those. 
I’m so glad to see more posts of this popping up as it definitely deserves lots of recognition and for lots of people to use it! One of my favourite Soap&Glory products!


  1. Kate Musgrove August 19, 2013 / 11:15 am

    You've totally sold this too me with your beautiful description. I want, I want, I want. Xx

    • admin August 19, 2013 / 11:18 am

      Hehe it really is one of my absolute favourite products. I've worn it alone almost every day for about two months, love it xx

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