Tangle Teezer for Mummy and for Toddler?

I’ve been wanting to get a tangle teezer for a while, just to see if they’re as worth the hype as many people suggest they are. But with my hair being as short and relatively tangle free as it is it seemed a little silly. But the reason to get one arrived, along with the hot weather, when Ethan’s super curly hair became super tangled in the humidity and became really difficult to brush.

Being the purple obsessive that I am the purple glittery one was the obvious choice and I was really pleased to discover that they were on sale on beautybay for about £8.50 with free p+p which made it a lovely little bargain too.

But, the big question is, did it do the job? Yes!

It doesn’t go through Ethan’s hair perfectly but compared to Any other brush that we have it’s just wonderful, I can get through his locks without screaming and fighting which is almost a miracle.

I’ve used it on my hair, too, even though it’s not knotted and it leaves my hair feeling lovely and sleek with a really nice shine to it. Very very impressed and definitely worth the hype. Planning on getting one for Azii, too, to combat the tangles he gets in his super long hair.

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  1. Isobel @ 739051 August 11, 2013 / 4:34 pm

    i have this one and the black one- life savers. Another great one is the tangle tamer, it's much cheaper and really worth it for using on dry hair only issue is it's neon pink! perfect for me but maybe not a boy! xo

    • admin August 11, 2013 / 4:52 pm

      Oh that's cool. We're not too worried about colour for either Ethan or Azii, they'd cope and I'm fond of a bargain, thanks for the advice 🙂 xx

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