A big buggy for Mummy…

This is an old photo that I took off the camera a while ago, it’s from aaaages ago
when he still had bottles but how cute does he look!

Ethan’s been a bit of a monkey recently, we’ve had lots of temper tantrums and lots of mood swings from him so we’ve been trying our best to deal with it without being counter productive – Easier said than done a lot of the time!

Thankfully, though, on his good days he’s still his lovely, charming self!

A week or so ago we were getting ready to bumble off to nursery when he asked me if he could walk home rather than go in his buggy. I suggested that it wasn’t the best idea because both he and I would be really tired by the time home time came around. His reply was crazy but well thought out and… definitely crazy.

He said that if Mummy was tired she could sit in the buggy and he’d push her home. Of course I told him that that was a lovely idea but that it was also a bit silly and he stopped for a moment, thought about it and then came back with ‘We can get Mummy a bigger buggy!’ – Because, of course, the only reason that it was a silly idea was because the buggy was too small. Sweet, crazy little dude.


    • admin September 1, 2013 / 8:38 pm

      Flippin' loony isn't he! xx

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