Bigjigs Play patrol Mission – The Electric car station

Ooh yes it’s Bigjigs time again!

Hidden behind that veil of hair is a Very excited expression, if you look close enough you’ll see the smile and the hands up by his face were pure excitement.

We always have the same delivery man when it’s Bigjigs post so, when I’m not expecting a delivery and he appears at the door, I can always anticipate a very happy little boy and this time was no different. We were mid-breakfast when the post arrived and he couldn’t eat quick enough because he was itching to get the box open and find out what was inside!

And as you can see from the above picture, if you can read upside down of course, he got the ‘Electric Car Station’ which fits on to the wooden track that he already has (both Bigjigs track and other brands of wooden track – It all fits together really nicely)

Ordinarily the Bigjigs toys that we’ve had haven’t needed any construction but in order to fit this into as small a box as it came in (always trying to reduce packaging, which is something I love about the company) the windmill part of it wasn’t attached to the base.

I’m really impressed, though, as the screw which came to put it together with was much safer than any others I’ve had to attach Ethan’s other toys together with before. Rather than a standard sharp end it was dulled and so wouldn’t be as much of a hazzard which is a small detail but one that I appreciate. It did mean it was very very marginally harder to press into the pre-drilled hole in the base of the windmill column but, in all honesty, it made such little difference and I’d Much rather the safety aspect come first!

This is how the front side of the toy looks – A removable ramp slots in to allow the cars in and out of the garage with a wind turbine/windmill just to the side. When I was attaching the windmill I found it easier to have it pointing a little at an angle in case you want to have the roof on the garage, if it’s too forward facing the arms will clash with the edge of the roof.

I absolutely love the concept of this toy. The cars are electric so they come with a hole drilled in to the back and in the back of the garage there are little pegs which the cars slot onto – And, to further emphasise the environmental side of things, the company have added the details of the wind turbine and the solar panel which you’ll see on the top of the garage in a later photograph – What a fantastic way to begin conversation with little ones about the environment and renewable energy than with something that fits in to the things they already love to play with!

Initially I wasn’t sure how this would fit in with the train set but once we got it out of the box I saw this lovely extra detail.

So, behind the garage, we have a little ramp which leads the car up to a trailer which can be attached to the magnetic trains which are standard to wooden tracks. Such a lovely, lovely idea! The trailer has a really nice, strong magnet on it, as do the bottom of the cars so, even with a child like Ethan who likes to make his trains go flat out, it stays firmly attached to the trailer – And believe me, the railway service thanks you, Bigjigs, for this little detail because in Ethan town there are a Lot of accidents.

This is our photo captioned for Bigjigs – ‘ Smile?! No chance – I am a professional at putting fun to the test, don’t you know?! This is my concentrating face, renewable energy is serious business!’
He spent the whole time between breakfast and lunch playing with his new toy – We didn’t, really, have enough time to build a track as it was an early lunch day due to nursery in the afternoon but he didn’t mind, with a little imagination his trailer could hop off the track, attached to the train and ‘go go go!’.

Ethan was absolutely gutted to leave his new toy behind to go to nursery and asked if I would build him a track when we got home but being the loving Mummy that I am I decided to surprise him and build him a track before I went to pick him up so he would have plenty of playing time whilst I was cooking dinner and after dinner too.

It’s as though the new piece was perfect to go with what we already had as this was the absolute best track I’ve been able to make – No need for stopper pieces, no dead ends, everything connected perfectly and I even managed to leave some empty space around the car station so that he could have a ‘road’ for his cars!

And, Daddy Azii, in a rather wonderful moment of parenting psychic-ness, just happened to buy Ethan a new train that day (having No idea that Ethan was getting a new addition to his track already) so What a surprise for him to come back to a lovely track with his new toy included And ‘Hank’ from the Thomas collection of trains waiting in his shed.

I think this is, possibly, our favourite of the things we’ve tested for Bigjigs. Ethan has played with it so so much and I am so happy, as always, with the thought and detail which has clearly gone into building this toy. Add on to that the fact that there’s a possibility for introducing some pretty important life lessons and you’ve got another real winner from Bigjigs right here!

Don’t forget to check out their website because there’s such a fantastic range of toys for a wide range of ages and different interests – Everything we’ve ever had from them, bought ourselves, and from being a part of the Play Patrol has been some of the best quality toys Ethan’s had. Check them out here:

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  1. Sharon Taylor September 26, 2013 / 10:47 am

    gosh darn, I'm rather jealous! I always wanted a wooden railway when I was younger but it was considered too masculine, this looks like so much fun.

    Sharon xx

    Beauty, Miscellany

    • admin September 26, 2013 / 11:20 am

      My step dad always wanted to get me a scalectrix and a ailway set but they thought I wouldn't want them -Truth is I wanted them so much!

      Ethan's a massive train obsessive so he's had that indulged quite thoroughly, even before we got involed with the Bigjigs Play patrol! xx

    • Sharon Taylor September 26, 2013 / 2:49 pm

      I wonder if we always want the thing we don't have! I wanted scaletrix too but having finally managed to have a go years back I'm really not that bothered but Railway sets I love. I used to love seeing the model railways at Steam fairs, a friend of my parents also had a full sized model railway set in their living room. That's another thing to add to the list for when I win the lottery!

      Sharon xx

      Beauty, Miscellany

  2. jelly andrews October 22, 2013 / 7:15 am

    Wow! What a lovely toy! I guess that kind of toy would surely great as Christmas gift. My nephew would surely love to have it. But would that be appropriate for a 3-year old child?

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