Glossybox UK – September 2013 – Unboxing

Mhmm he’s still not cancelled it, I mentioned it plenty of times but he’s decided not to… I can hardly be mad can I hehe 
This months theme is the London theme as you’d possibly be able to guess from this months box design!

The new glossy magazine is a rather nice and the items are now written on a nice little card rather than a big piece of paper that needs unfolding like a map

Initially I was a little ‘hrm’ about this box but when I really took the time to look at everything I was quite pleased – Decent mix of hair care, make-up, perfume and accessories in the way of lashes plus three full sized items and two good sized samples.

First up we have Tony & Guy ‘Classic Shine & Gloss Serum’ – I’ve never tried anything by Tony & Guy before so I’m quite pleased with this. I’m rather glad that it’s a full sized product, too, the 30ml bottle retailing at £7.19 from boots. I’ve never tried a serum in my hair before so looking forward to giving this a go.

This second item is a sample sized tube of ‘Dr Lipp – Nipple Balm for lips’. This is a 3ml sample and the full size retails at £11.50 for 15ml so although it’s a tiny tube it should give a good few uses. I’ve already got a sample of this and, subsequently, had the full sized tube on my wishlist when I won the Beauty Bay competition. I quite like this stuff so definitely don’t mind getting another sample as it’s not cheap but it does a good job.

Ordinarily seeing a perfume sample is disappointing in a beauty box but when it’s in a little bottle rather than a piddly little vial it’s a much nicer prospect. I do like discovering new scents so when there’s a really good amount of product to try out and it’s not just something you could pick up for free from a beauty hall, it’s nice to get something like this. This is the Elizabeth Arden ‘Untold’ fragrance and it got a nice, gentle scent. It’s definitely something I’d enjoy wearing so I’m glad to get it. This is a 5ml bottle and the full size of 50ml retails at £48. 
Last but one item is a Be a bombshell cosmetics ‘Onyx Eye liner’ – This liquid eye liner pen has quite a thick nib but it tapers to a narrower end so should be quite usable. It’s got a nice smooth application and dries quite solidly.

This is the variety of lines you can get, though could probably get thinner if you weren’t in a bit of a hurry like me!
This is a full sized product and retails for $14? I am wondering if this is a typo and it’s actually £14?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m not a lashes girl. As such these won’t be of any use to me but I do have a box of bits which I’m collecting together for yet another giveaway so it can get put in there. They look like a nice style of lashes and I am under the impression that Eyelure is a good brand so these Pre-Glued lashes are a good addition to the box. They retail at £5.06.

All in all, an interesting box. The value of the items definitely outweighs the cost of the box and I think that everything is quite usable. It’s not a box that made me go ‘woooow’ but other than the lashes I think that all of these items will go straight into my day to day use collection and, for me, that means they’re decent items. Another good month, Glossybox. 


  1. Sharon Taylor September 11, 2013 / 12:08 pm

    ah, we got exactly the same items! I haven't opened the eye liner pen yet as I thought I would save it until I wanted to use it – I like the look of it though, the variety of thickness, always handy to have a spare. I had a look and the product is only available in the states anyway so it is $14, they only ship there too!


    Beauty, Miscellany

  2. admin September 11, 2013 / 12:56 pm

    I shouldn't really have opened mine, either, Sharon – I've got two liquid liner pens on the go and Really don't need another right now but I just can't help myself, needed to know what it was like.

    Bit weird to put a US only item in a London themed box, hrm, never mind I guess.

    I can't wait to try it on my eyes, Charlotte, such a smooth application om the back of my hand, bodes well for the eyes 🙂 xx

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