L’oreal Superliner – Perfect Slim – Review

This post has been half-written in my drafts section for Far too long. In all honesty I’m not totally sure why, I can only blame myself; my general forgetfulness and silly silly behaviour.
I’m not great with eye liner – It’s something that I’ve battled with for a long time, despite my relative newness to make-up obsessiveness, simply because even before I enjoyed the world of beauty like I do now I used to dabble with eye liner; it was a given seeing as I spent my days in baggy jeans, band tees and hoodies… more on that another time. 
One of the reasons I struggle with eye liner is because I don’t have a massive amount of lid space due to the shape/formation of my eyes. When my eyes are open you can’t see much lid so if the line of my liner is too thick it looks Wrong. 
Which is where the L’oreal Superliner, Perfect slim steps in.

I used to have a Rimmel liner which was really really thin tipped but the felt pen part was too soft and flexible and didn’t allow the control and precision I needed. This L’oreal liner, though, has a super fine tip but also has control due to the felt part having a slightly stronger structure; it’s still movable enough that it works nicely but it doesn’t bend all over the place.

As you can see, below, you can get both a thin and a thicker line with this liquid, pen liner and it’s a very true black colour. It lasts fantastically and it is, easily, my go-to liner. 

I still don’t wear liner loads because I tend to just go for quick and easy a lot of the time, but when I wear liner it’s this one. I picked this up from Feelunique for £6.99 and it’s well worth the money for someone who struggles with lots of other liners. 


  1. Claire Brownbill September 9, 2013 / 11:30 am

    They've changed the packaging of this so much but it has been around for a while! I love it its definitely one of my top favorites!




  2. Claire does beauty September 9, 2013 / 11:30 am

    I bought this a few month ago and forgot about then found it lurking at the bottom of my makeup bag! I love this liner and im not great at it either but i find that this makes it alot easier! x

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