MUA: Make Up Academy – Matte palette swatches and first reactions

This is the second palette which MUA have released recently; along side the ‘Smokin Palette’. A lot of people have been hoping for a matte palette for quite a while now so I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of very happy fans! It retails at £4 like the majority of MUA palettes, but it’s carrying on the theme of the newly shaped format by having square pans rather than circular.

As you can see there’s a lovely range of soft neutrals in a variety of shades and tones.

These three are ‘Unwrap’, ‘Butter’ and ‘Bare’.

Next we have ‘Taffeta’, ‘Fade’ and ‘Penny’.

And, lastly, ‘Chino’, ‘Truffle’, ‘Fog’ and ‘Smoke’.
As you can see from the swatches the lighter shades are, undeniably, hard to pick up on camera. We’re talking about the first four, really, ‘Unwrap’, ‘Butter’, ‘Bare’ and ‘Taffeta’ are all incredibly pale shades which, especially on my pale skin (my super pale skin hardly gives them the best chance!), don’t stand out a Lot. But they are nice colours to have in a palette as they’re good for making a nice base and evening out the natural skin tone of the eye lid. ‘Unwrap’ is a whiter cream shade which would be a nice highlight, ‘Butter’ a more yellowy cream, ‘Bare’ a very natural skin tone and then ‘Taffeta’ is slightly more pink. Maybe a lot of super pale shades but they’ll definitely work for different people and their different skin tones to make good bases.

The rest of the shades are far easier to see and you can see that they’re nicely pigmented and lovely soft shades. Obviously they aren’t as pigmented as shimmery, stronger colours but for matte shades they are good. ‘Fade’, ‘Penny’, ‘Chino’ and ‘Truffle’ offer a really nice range of light, medium and darker browns which could be lovely for contouring and shaping the eye. Finally the two last shades, ‘Fog’ and ‘Smoke’ would both be perfect for making a smokey eye and are really bold colours – I particularly like how Fog is an interesting mix of grey/blue that could add a really different dimension to a look.

The shades definitely seem buildable and the formulas are nice and soft so I think they’ll  be lovely to work with. Matte shades aren’t for everyone and this palette definitely doesn’t have the same ‘wow’ factor as the ‘Smokin Palette’ but I do think that if you’re looking for a nice range of matte shades for a nice, natural neutral eye look or for a softer, subtler smokey eye then this could be the palette for you.


  1. Sharon Taylor September 13, 2013 / 9:10 am

    ooh, I quite like it but I don't know how I feel about the first four shades, I do use light colours to highlight but I don't know if I want a palette full of them. It's hard to quibble when they're only £4. My mother could have sworn she gave me a MUA palette for Christmas but she didn't, I can guess what I'll be getting this Christmas though!


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    • admin September 13, 2013 / 11:25 am

      Yes it is an awful lot of pale shades, but when you look at them they are a variety of tones which will combat different discolorations in the eye lid etc. Probably don't need four of them but as you say, for £4 even if you only used half the palette it'd still be a good price.

      Haha sounds likely! Xx

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