Sharing the wealth – A Birchbox rewards point purchase


Thanks to one of my lovely readers using my Birchbox referral link I got an extra 50 reward points on my birchbox account which took me up to £10 and allowed me to use them against a purchase in the shop, yay!
If anyone is looking to sign up to Birchbox then please do use my referral link, not only will it get me another £5 worth of points but it’ll get the same for you and that’d be a great start to saving up for your own purchases! The link is:
There was a good number of exciting things I could order but knowing that there had been propercorn included in some peoples boxes in August meant that I just Had to order some for Azii and I! With free p+p we managed to get 12 bags of Sweet and Salty Propercorn and I only had to pay 80p towards the order!


We’re massive fans of this stuff and it was nice to be able to share my good luck with Azii too! Should last us a while, though maybe not as long as you’d think! Thankfully, though, they’re pretty low calories for a snack so it’s not too bad that we’ve indulged a few times.


  1. Sharon Taylor September 4, 2013 / 12:21 pm

    I'll have to try and remember you have a referral link, I really want to sign up for Birchbox, I have Glossybox and I love the boxes. I was always a fan of lucky dip as a child. Having the glossybox was the basis of my 6 month challenge – tightening in the spending reins and trying to use everything up. I can just about live off the samples – along with the odd present or two! Once I'm back in employment I plan to get this box as well, possibly some others, I'll try and remember to come back use your referral.

    • admin September 4, 2013 / 12:38 pm

      That'd be fab, thanks.

      I won't be able to afford the boxes when we move out but for now I'm loving them. I was meant to stop birchbox last month but my friend showed me an offer that was on a couple of weeks ago and my fiance took it out so got them for another few months.

      I was only planning on getting Miss glossgbox once but forgot to cancel it and they've taken the money now.

      I'm still getting glossybox as my birthday present even though it was meant to have been cancelled a couple of monthsnago.

      Annnnd the only one I get full price and not by accident is beauteco box which is amaaazing xx

    • Sharon Taylor September 4, 2013 / 12:49 pm

      I'll have to look the other one up. I do buy quite a lot of toiletries and cosmetics usually but I have cut back quite a bit, I'm a sucker for either new product special offers or end of the line bargains. I keep on top of doing the surveys for Glossybox so the fifth one is always free. Hopefully I'll be back to earning a wage for you to benefit from me taking up the Birchbox!

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