Sleek Vintage Romance palette – Swatches

I’ve been really, really excited about the Sleek Vintage romance palette and blush ever since I caught sight of them on various blogs a number of weeks ago – Something in the shades, the tones of those colours was just calling out to me and I Knew they had to be mine. I knew they were going to be released in September but not the exact date which had me checking the Sleek website every day, one or twice, in the hope that it’d appear. 
Of course the moment that it did it was ordered – It’s not often I find something that I am quite that sure I have to own, it’d hard to, really, explain what it was about these pieces but there you go. They arrived today and, thank goodness, I love them both as much as I expected. I’m going to post about the palette on this post and then I’ll do a separate post for the blush as this is going to be quite picture intensive as it is. 

And here it is – A gorgeous range of neutrals and berry shades – There’s metallics, a matte, some with a duo chrome type finish and some matte with glitter. 
The names l-r: ‘Pretty in Paris’, ‘Meet in Madrid’, ‘Court in Cannes’, ‘Lust in LA’, ‘Romance in Rome’, ‘Propose in Prague’, ‘A Vow in Venice’, ‘Marry in Monte Carlo’, ‘Honeymoon in Hollywood’, ‘Bliss in Barcelona’, ‘Forever in Florence’ and ‘Love in London’ – All rather fitting names for the romance theme.

So, firstly, we have a range of four metallic shades – ‘Pretty in Paris’, ‘Meet in Madrid’, ‘Court in Cannes’ and ‘Lust in LA’ – I like these as I am a massive fan of neutrals but I think that these are quite nice and different from what you get in other palettes. I love the delicate tones of the silver and gold shade plus I really like how ‘Court in Cannes’ is a little too light to be a bronze and a little too dark to be a rose gold but seems to sit  between the two. The depth in the taupe of ‘Lust in LA’ is beautiful, it’s not got as much of a sheen as the others but, as you can see in the bottom half of the swatch it’s still got a some sheen in it.  
These shades are a mix of finishes. We’ve got ‘Romance in Rome’, ‘Propose in Prague’, ‘A Vow in Venice’ and ‘Marry in Monte Carlo’. The first shade is impossible to capture properly with my camera as it shows up more blue than purple but it’s a really gorgeous shade – It’s one of those that has glitter in it that is a sort of duo chrome, in some lights it’s a really dark grey/blue but when you catch the light it shines a lovely shimmery blue/purple. ‘Propose in Prague’ is the only matte shade and I love it, a pinky, dusty terracotta it’s going to bring together a lot of lovely looks. The third shade is a deep pinky/purple/cranberry shade which looks matte in some lights but actually has a sheen to it, it’s not as strong as the other shades, it’s a much subtler effect, love it. Lastly ‘Marry in Monte Carlo’ is a gorgeous shimmery/metallic pinky cranberry, so so pretty. 
These four are rather wow aren’t they! ‘Honeymoon in Hollywood’, ‘Bliss in Barcelona’, ‘Forever in Florence’ and ‘Live in London’. I love how bright the first shade is, it’s such a gorgeously pigmented matte with tiny glitter in it; a stunning dark cranberry. ‘Bliss’ is another duo chrome sort of shade, it looks a smoky black/dark dark purple shade until you turn it in the light and it practically glows with purple. The purple/plum of the third shade is really rich and beautiful, again peppered with that tiny glitter as is ‘Live in London’ a nicely pigmented black which sparkles with that stunning glitter too.

The formula of each of these types of shadow are all fantastic, so creamy, so pigmented and all that shimmer do so gorgeously. I am absolutely in love with this palette, it’s everything I hoped it would be and it’s inspiring me so so much!

The post for the blush should be going up tomorrow. 


  1. Sharon Taylor September 18, 2013 / 7:00 pm

    I love this palette but wasn't really sure about the red shades, they look a lot better on than in the palette so I might have to raid the piggy bank again!

    Sharon xx

    Beauty, Miscellany

  2. Serena September 18, 2013 / 7:38 pm

    I just made a vow not to buy any more makeup until I've finished at least 3 products, but now I want this… 🙁 Must.. curb.. spending…

    Anyway, could you do a post on a makeup look using this palette if at all possible? Would love to see one.


  3. admin September 18, 2013 / 8:02 pm

    I'm glad so many of you like it but sorry to those who were hoping to stop spending!

    I will definitely give it a go, Serena. I'm still quite rusty when it comes to eye shadow as my eye shape is a bit tricky to work with but the look I did today was surprisingly nice – I'll try a few looks with it and try to get one up next week 🙂

  4. Helen Gray September 18, 2013 / 9:14 pm

    Beautiful colours, all just so wearable (yes even the reds, just not near the waterline). On the wishlist so to star in my collection x

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