Stila ‘In The Light’ Palette swatches

I’ve been planning on doing this post ever since I got my Beauty Bay win but due to the past couple of weeks being tough it’s just been delayed and delayed. I managed to get the photos done whilst Ethan was at nursery but even then, getting myself on to the laptop to type things up was just a bit too much. So here I am, past 1 in the morning on what seems to be an insomnia night, trying to catch up with things! 
I am so so pleased that the Stila ‘In The Light’ palette was on my wishlist when I won the Beauty Bay ‘Essential Beauty wishlist ‘competition. I have mostly neutral eye shadows already but I’ve seen this palette a lot of times and just kept fixating on how gorgeous these shades were! Plus I’ve wanted to try out Stila’s ‘Kitten’ for ages, too, and that was in there so it was a chance to give that a go too. 

The palette retails at £25 which I think is a good price when you consider what you’d pay for other brands in a similar quality range. It has 12 shades and add on to that the fact that it also comes with a Stila smudge stick liner in the shade ‘Damsel’ and you’re getting a nice amount of product for your money. It might not be something I could afford very often But I think it’s a decent price for a Very nice palette. 

The shade names are as follows and there’s a lovely range of shades included as well as there being a mixture of matte and shimmer shadows plus some matte with bigger glitters in. As you’d expect the matte shadows were smokier and less pigmented but the shimmer shades were very creamy and gorgeous to swatch. 
Firstly, though, I’ll quickly show you the smudge stick in ‘Damsel’ which is a lovely dark brown which seems to have a hint of plum in it : 
And now, on to the shadows.
Firstly we have ‘Bare’, ‘Kitten’ and ‘Bliss. I wanted to include this picture as it shows how beautiful the shimmer in ‘Kitten is’ but I’ve added an extra picture, below, so that you can see ‘Bare’ a little more clearly. 

‘Bare’ is the perfect name for the first shade as it really is barely there and it’s the sort of shade you’d use to even out the skin of the eye lid and the surrounding skin and make it a more natural, neutral shade before applying more colours.

I love ‘Kitten’ just as I expected as I can’t get enough of shimmery champagne colours and this is, definitely, one of the best. It’s gorgeous. 

‘Bliss’ is a lovely mid toned, matte brown which isn’t heavily pigmented but still gives a good amount of colour for a matte shade. 
This next four shades are ‘Sunset’, ‘Sandstone’, ‘Bubbly’ and ‘Gilded Gold’. 
You can see that both ‘Sunset’ and ‘Bubbly’ are more shimmer shades and they’re both beautiful additions to the palette with ‘Sunset’ bringing the warmth of a soft copper shade and ‘Bubbly’ being a deeper, slightly darker champagne shade than ‘Kitten’. 
‘Sandstone’ is a good deeper matte brown which will be a perfect crease shade and is nicely pigmented and very usable. 

‘Gilded Gold’ is a nightmare to photograph. Above I listed that some of the shades are matte with glitter and this is one of the ones that I was talking about – In most lights it looks matte but every now and again it does have the slightest hint of a sheen to it. Also, the glitter is really hard to pick up in photographs but you can see a couple of pieces reflected towards the bottom of the swatch in the photo above.
Here’s a second photo to show you the very slight sheen that I’m talking about:
And on to the last few shades: 
These are ‘Luster’, ‘Night Sky’ and ‘Ebony’ 
‘Luster’ is the same sort of formula as ‘Gilded Gold’ so is sort of matte but with that sheen in it and also has particles of glitter. It is one that doesn’t photograph too well but it really plays with the light and is a really gorgeous colour.

‘Night Sky’ is more of a shimmer shade but with some glitter in too and it’s a gorgeous slate/charcoal shade. 

Lastly is a matte black shade in the form of ‘Ebony’ – It’s not the most opaque black ever but it’s definitely buildable and would work fantastically for a smoky look. 
I am utterly in love with this palette – I’ve used it most days since I got it out and I am really enjoying playing with the shades. The quality and diversity of shades makes it a great one for you collection even if you already love neutrals and if you’re looking to start out then this would be a great starting point. 


  1. Sharon Taylor September 10, 2013 / 11:24 am

    I always think Stila are good quality, I have a few of their cheaper, themed palettes. I think I might have to ask for this at Christmas, although I'm still going to check out that MUA one also.

  2. admin September 10, 2013 / 12:49 pm

    I'm soo in love with this palette 🙂 Such stunning colours – I love how everyone has different favourites it's got something for everyone 😀 xx

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