I knew that my MUA Luxe products would arrive today because the sky is gray whereas yesterday it was blue and perfect photograph taking weather. But that’s life and nothing’s going to stop me photographing these beauties, and it seems that nothing’s going to stop them from being photographed either, dim lighting be damned they were going to shine!
First I fell in love with the packaging, it just looks so pretty; the dark green/black textured effect card with the gorgeous gold lettering, very ‘luxe’ indeed! 
Then I fell in love with the bottles – That gold lettering again, looking rather beautiful on the tubes themselves and just look at the body of the tube! That frosted effect makes them almost look like they’re luminescent in some lights and in others it really worth with the whole ‘velvet’ idea. Very, Very nice. 
L-R we have ‘Atomic’, ‘Reckless’, ‘Kooky’ and ‘Funk’
This is ‘Atomic’ – It’s one of those shades that photographs a little differently to how it really looks. Here you can see it as an amazingly bright orange but in reality it’s got enough red and pink in it to make it a really orangey toned coral – I think I’m going to try and photograph these again another day to see if I can capture them differently, but for now just marvel at that pigmentation, the creamy texture, just wow. 
‘Reckless’ is, yup, another one of those awkward colours. This shade is a lot deeper/darker than it seems in this picture, though I do have some other photos later on that show these shades a little better. Again, though, some shades just don’t capture in some lights. This shade is equally as fantastically pigmented as the previous shade. 
I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of a really pinky shade but ‘Funk’ is this Gorgeous creamy raspberry pink and I’m quite in love with it. As with the others, pigmentation is stunning, creamy, gorgeous, yay. 

‘Kooky’ is Purple with a capital P – You can see that it’s a stunning true purple with that gorgeous creamy hint to it too. I love it though I am interested to see how intense it’s going to look on the lips – As with the previous, pigmentation is amazing and the formula wow.
From this angle you can see how they go matte once they’ve had some time to dry – I’m picturing some Good looks with these! 
You can see the shades together here, all equally as bold and stunning. I’m wondering how each of them will work on the lips and I can’t wait to find out and to find ways to make them work for me – I love love love how fantastic this formula is, utterly amazing (the only reason the red shade looks a little transparent to the left is because of the silly way that I swatched it)
In all of the photos the products were swatched with One swipe of the product, just one, no building up needed!

When I do swatches I always wipe them off with a baby wipe – These did Not want to budge. This was after really scrubbing at them with the wipe (See the redness in my hand!) and then really rubbing/scratching at them with my fingers/nails – Very impressed.

I’d love to see these in some more shades in the future, a neutral, a dusky pink, things like that. I’m Very impressed with the Luxe range, MUA, well done, very very well done indeed! 


I know, I know, when I posted my Superdrug haul I said I wasn’t spending any more money on myself this month but it is right at the end of the month And the reason for the purchase was to get some Christmas pressies ordered but the bits I got were Such bargains it seemed silly not to especially as I was able to get it to the free p+p threshold.
Body Shop had a load of things in a 50% sale – The majority of the things that I would have bought were already sold out but there was a couple of bits in there left. On top of that they had a 40% code which was for non-sale items but also worked on sale items too! (It didn’t work at first but it did work in the end)
So this is what I picked up

I am really becoming a very big body shop fan – I’d rarely shopped in their before but I get it now! I Really wish things I’d wanted hadn’t been out of stock, mostly stuff from the brazil nut range as I’m totally obsessed since I got the body mist.
My current scent obsessions are lemon, nutty scents and honey. When I saw that the ‘Sweet Lemon Beautifying Oil’ was in the sale I put it in my basket straight away, I was just gutted that the brazil nut one was sold out. These were already in the 50% sale and then went down to £2.70 with the extra reduction – I think you can see why it was hard not to.

And something to cater for the nutty scents that I love – I’ve been wanting this for a while now and I was gutted to miss it when the Body Shop were doing a thing to get a free hand cream. This Almond Hand and Nail cream was down to £3 with the reductions, bargain. The only problem with it is because the tube has been so squashed product comes out and just keeps on coming so it’s messed with the pressure – worried about wasting the product as today I ended up having to put loads on my friends and still had enough to put it all the way up my arms because so much came out.
I wasn’t totally sure about getting this to begin with – I have so many fragrances on the go at the moment but I’m in love with the scent of the Honeymania balm and I do switch up my fragrances a lot, I rarely wear one for more than one day in a row. I got this for £5.10 which I think is ok for an Eau De Toilette.
Lastly I picked up this Face Brush. I’ve been wanting a face brush for Ages now and keep almost getting one from various places but when I saw this one, with a little cover, was down to £2.40 I snapped it up.


Although I wasn’t expecting it to be huge I was surprised by quite how teeny this is (look at it at the photo at the top to see it compared to other pices) – I really like it, though. I love the positioning of the handle, compared to others that I’ve seen, as this feels totally natural to hold and is really easy and comfortable to use. I’ve only used it once, so far, but my face felt very nice and clean afterwards.

All in all, a lovely little set of purchases. I really do enjoy the Body Shop and they have such good sales, so regularly, it’s hard not to get a bargain or two!

Obviously I’m not going to post things that I’v’e got as presents as that’s a little silly/unfair but suffice to say they’re rather cool and I think that people will like them.

I had big plans to try and write lots of really informative posts about fibro, to try and really give people a good idea of what fibro is like and help other sufferers learn more about the condition if they are newer and looking for more info.

If you didn’t see my first post on it then I’ll link it HERE – It’s just a basic run down of some of the symptoms that I deal with having fibromyalgia. Even the title shows you that I was planning on doing so much with it, that was supposed to be post #1 of many. Turns out, though, that whenever I come to talk about it in any real depth, to get into the emotions and the actual issues involved… I reach a sort of blockade. 

I did think, though, that I could maybe type up a couple of paragraphs about what’s been going on recently in terms of doctors and things.

I saw a specialist in Bath a couple of weeks ago and he did a number of checks on different parts of my body, we ran through my symptoms, talked about it all and he confirmed that I have what he said was a ‘very active case of fibro’ – I have no idea what that means but I guess there’s no harm in getting some confirmation sometimes.

 But after that all he could offer me was a place on a course they run in Bath – It took us two hours to get to Bath, and two hours to get home. My Grandparents had to sacrifice their day and my mum had to look after Ethan, which she won’t be able to do once she starts her new job. It really is Not all that possible for me to go to Bath on a weekly basis for a course that sounds very similar to the one that a previous doctor has told me she didn’t think would work for me… The doctor I saw in Bath was good, though, he seemed a little perplexed as to why I was sent to him when I couldn’t participate in the one thing he had to offer (I say seemed, I mean that he actually outright asked me why I’d been sent to see him) but he did suggest a couple of things to my GP to try out.

Well the stack of medication is now far bigger than the one above. I’m on a further pain medication called Pregabalin or Lyrica. It’s something I’ve heard mixed opinions on but on my second day taking it I definitely feel an improvement – I’m not pain free but it’s definitely taken even more of an edge off of it than the co-codamol and tramadol do (both of which I am taking along side the pregabalin)

The thing is, with these medications, is that sometimes they’ll seem fab for a week and then the effects get lesser and lesser. As such there’s such a big chance that in a week or so time I’ll have lost the help I’ve gained from these – I hope I won’t because I am loving the difference, I’ve had tears in my eyes over the differences it has made in certain areas of my life. But, if it doesn’t last then I will, at least, enjoy the time that I do have with things being slightly improved.

As for the courses – I won’t turn down help, I need help, this condition isn’t going anywhere and I have to live with it. But they’re going to have to wait until Ethan is in school so that child care, at least, isn’t an issue.

My blood tests all came up fine so there’s no answer to why I passed out a couple of months ago – It’s great to know there’s nothing big wrong but it’s scary to know that this could just happen again. I just need to be even more careful – The fibro means I have to force myself to go slower, to not push myself, but if I get even the slightest inkling of one of the funny turns that lead me towards passing out then I have to just stop and wait for it to pass.

All in all – The lyrica has helped a little, and I hope it stays that way. I’ve not been posting much recently, I know there was a string of posting every day but they were scheduled a while back, I’ve barely blogged in a couple of weeks. That’s down to the fibro, I’ve been suffering from tremendous, very regular headaches, the exhaustion has been pretty consuming and the pain has been really bad – And, so, I’m sure you’ll understand that’s why the blog hasn’t been moving forward as well as I’d like. But I’m not going anywhere, I may take breaks from time to time but this blog is one of the things that helps keep me sane whilst I battle this condition and so I’m not giving it up for any reason.

My page views have been going up at a pretty steady rate, recently, which has had me watching the ascent to 100,000 with much anticipation!

I was so pleased to get here because it’s been something I’ve been watching for for a while now and it feels like a lovely milestone to have reached. So, thank you lovely readers, your interest in what I write makes me so happy.

For a while now I’ve had a plan that once I reached 100k I’d do my next giveaway – I’ve had a stash of things I’ve been putting together (much like my previous beauty bundle type giveaways) and it’s been my plan to give that away to whoever wins this time… But sometimes plans don’t come to fruition. Thankfully in this instance it’s a good thing, the reason my plans are changing is because I have another giveaway which I’m going to run instead! It’s going to be a very exciting giveaway and it’s going to be International! 

Soo, watch this space! If you don’t follow me yet then maybe you want to click over on the Google friend connect widget or maybe follow on Bloglovin, Facebook or Twitter on the buttons to the right of the screen – That way you can keep up-to-date with my posts and not miss out on any exciting giveaways either! 

To the top of the page you’ll see all of my tabs – Many of them are empty but the ’50 Book Challenge’ isn’t. 

Every year, for the past few years, I’ve taken part in a challenge to read 50 books in a year. The first year I didn’t manage it (I only reached 47) but that’s because I didn’t start counting until around April/May and couldn’t remember what I’d read in the earlier months. Ever since that first year, though, I’ve managed to read more than the 50. 
I’ve always been a big reader, it’s been a massive part of my life from the moment I started reading. Reading is, and probably always will be, my favoured past time. I’m, also, a freakishly fast reader which is how I’ve managed to read so many books this year despite having had whole months where I’ve been so busy I’ve not been able to pick up a book. 
I’ve read a few gems this year and I’ve read a lot of books that are enjoyable, in their way, but not my cup of tea. I’d love to review a lot of them but as I’ve said in past posts I really struggle to write about books – Mostly because when I do I tend to go in to too much detail and that’s not what I want to do in a post, I don’t want to give too much away. 
I will, though, endeavour to work on this at some point and find a balance that allows me to review more books. And in lieu of that, for now, I will tell you some off the books that I’ve really enjoyed, so far, this year. (I’ll do another update before the year ends, if there’s any books of note)

What’s Left of Me‘ – Kat Zhang
Gone Girl‘ – Gillian Flynn
Wicked‘ – Gregory Maguire
All of the Harry Dresden books by Jim Butcher
The whole of the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher
The Peter Grant series (Rivers of London etc) by Ben Arronovitch
Rook‘ – Daniel O’Malley
Among Others‘ – Jo Walton
Just because books aren’t on this list doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy them, it might just mean that I didn’t enjoy them quite as much or just that they were enjoyable but not my sort of book. I enjoy reading, and unless something is totally awful I will enjoy at least some aspect of it. I flippin’ love books. 
(It has also just occurred to me that there’s a book missing from my list, I will need to go and amend that!)