An awesome little Cosmetics Fairy haul


I’ve only ordered from Cosmetics Fairy once before but I do check out their site from time to time as there are some fantastic bargains to be had. When they popped up in my Facebook news feed recently saying that they had 25% off their Urban Decay stock I just Had to have a look. It turned out that I only wanted one item from the UD section but Cosmetics Fairy do free p+p for orders over £10 so it only seemed right that I found a few more bits and bobs rather than throw away a few pounds on postage!
This little lot came to £11.52 which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a really rather good bargain!

This is the item that inspired the whole order, a mini Urban Decay ’24/7 Glide-on Shadow’ in ‘Juju’ – I like me a nice taupey shade and that’s why this one caught my eye. When I made my order there was only three left in stock which is why I didn’t want to hang around to make a decision about whether or not to order.

These were, originally, selling for £3.75 which is a pretty good price anyway but with the 25% off it went down to £2.81 which is even more impressive.

As you can see in the swatch it’s a little warmer than a normal taupe but it’s lovely and when the light hits it it has a great sheen to it just like the other pencils from this range.
I’m Always drawn to the Sinful Colours stand when I’m in Boots but I only have two shades from this brand (well three now) because I can never settle on which one to get and then when I do decide a shade and try to order it online it’s always out of stock!

These are always a huge bargain at £1.99 but this one was only £1.49 on Cosmetics Fairy and the shade

Really caught my eye. Winterberry is just beautiful, this deep dark purple with cool, grey tones in it and a hint of shimmer/metallic-ness. I Love it!
Everything else from this order was from Maybelline as they’re a brand I’ve been discovering a bit more recently and really enjoying. I’ve seen these ColorSensational lipsticks in a variety of formats for a while now and this one in the Shine Stick format in the shade ‘Cherry Candy’ managed to make its way in to my basket. Isn’t it rather nice! I don’t normally like showy packaging but in true magpie style I love the hologram in the plastic part of this and I really like lipsticks/products that have the plastic casing being almost as long as the tube itself (I’m going to pretend you know what I mean here) – It’s clearly not important but it’s a feature that I like none the less.

As you’d expect from the name this really does have a nice shine to it. It’s sheer without being too sheer but it makes it a lot easier to wear than a totally opaque red. I have a few true reds, some deep reds and various ones like that but nothing quite like this bright, sheer red – I love it. Ethan does, too, when I tried it on the moment I opened it he said I looked very pretty. For £2.99 this was an absolute steal.
The crackling at the top of the packaging of this one isn’t a design feature. Where it all looks normal there was a plastic wrapper encasing the product but it didn’t cover the whole of it and the part that’s damaged was the bit that was left uncovered – Clearly that suggests that this has been left somewhere for a while and isn’t exactly brand new but there ya go.

This Maybelline Shine secuction lip gloss in ‘Passion Petal’ was 99p so it was a nice little added extra to help top me up to the total for free p+p.

It’s a bit more glittery than I tend to go for these days but I don’t mind a bit of sparkle from time to time and I do really like the shade so this will get some wear – Definitely enough wear to justify a 99p price tag anyway!

I’ve seen the Maybelline Dream Mousse blushes mentioned from time to time but not loads. I tried the dream mousse foundation many many years ago before I was even into make-up properly and it did Not work for me but for some reason these blushes just stuck in my mind so when I had the chance to try one for £2.25 I just had to take it. The shade ‘Coral 02′ wasn’t exactly a seasonally appropriate one but it was the only one they had and I do like me a good coral product so even if I have to wait until spring this will get use.
This stuff is so lovely and soft – I don’t know how long lasting they’ll be but they’re just joyous to apply so I am very tempted to try and get a pinky shade or maybe a plum shade.

Lastly we have the Maybelline Line Stylist in ‘Bronze Gleam’ – Another filler to get me up to the p+p threshold this seemed like an interesting little product to try for 99p. Despite liking the look of various bronze pencil eye liners I’ve not picked one up yet so I thought I’d give this a go.
This is the blurriest swatch photo I took of this but it’s the one where you can see a bit of the shimmer coming through – The pencil is a dark bronze/brown shade with bronze/gold shimmer in it. It’s not a lot of shimmer but it does look nice. The pencil didn’t feel very soft when I applied it to my hand but I think I’ll see how it goes once it’s softened/warmed up a bit.And that’s it. Some super bargains I think you’ll agree – I think I may have found some favourites in there and also got a couple of additional extras too. I’ve been impressed with the speed of delivery with Cosmetics fairy both times I’ve used them and, obviously, the price. The free p+p over £10 is a definite selling point as well as the nice, interesting variety of products. Very cool.


  1. Kate Musgrove October 16, 2013 / 12:57 pm

    I have all five of the UD 24/7 shadow pens. There lovely. Juju is one of my faves xx

  2. Charlotte Adele October 16, 2013 / 8:10 pm

    I love the mousse blush, I think they're great for winter especially when your skin gets dried out from all the central heating!

    Charlotte Adele

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