Fun at the Fair – Tewkesbury Mop Fair – October 2013

Having family in Tewkesbury, having lived there a long time ago and having been to school there in the past means that the Tewkesbury Mop Fair was a big part of growing up for me; as it was for a lot of the people I grew up with and some of my family. One of the biggest way to welcome in the cooler seasons was to wrap up warm and soak up the atmosphere at the fair – A wonderful way to begin the journey towards winter. 
As such I was so pleased that we managed to take Ethan this year – He’s finally old enough to be excited by these things and we really hoped for the best when we bundled into the car to enjoy a chip shop dinner at my grandparents’ before venturing out into the night. I had my concerns, especially as Ethan does get a little upset by very loud noises and I did think that the bright lights and volume of people would unsettle him a bit but, thankfully, my concerns were unfounded – He had an Amazing time.
The memories were rife, for me, it’s been almost ten years since I went but previous to that I’d been almost every year for most of my life so the smells, the sounds, even a lot of the people was like stepping back in time.

Here’s some of the photos I captured from the night:

Ethan’s first ride was on a roundabout – He chose the big fire engine to ride in but before the ride started moving he spent the whole time looking around at everything as we hadn’t been there long and it was a little exciting!
My Mum and my uncle were crazy enough to go on this ride. I’ve not liked rides since I was very little and have never liked big rides – I was tricked into going on a big one at Alton towers a few years ago and Hated it – My mum, though, has always loved them. She loved this ride, my uncle hated it.

Love this type of photo, hehe, love my camera

This wasn’t the best photo I took in this lighting but I Had to include it as if you see the set of people closes to the light spot at the right you can see my mum and uncle! The two people on the right of that set, one in blue, one in black, that’s them! You can’t see their faces but I think I can see that my mum is smiling and my uncle is grimacing.

Ethan’s second ride was on another roundabout and he chose the green train which he thought looked like Luke from the Thomas and friends trains – He was amazed by the fact that there was a real bell that he could ring, he made a Lot of noise! 

He was very very happy on this ride!

VERY tired towards the end of the evening so back in his buggy cuddling his ‘red sonic’ – He was actually still quite happy but just getting a bit overwhelmed and sleepy just before we went home. 

This is the fish that Daddy Azii won for Ethan. Ethan, with his wonderful naming techniques, named him ‘Fishy the fishy’ – We don’t see him much in the Huge, slightly overgrown tank in our hallway but he seems quite happy if not a little scared of giant faces appearing at the glass. 

It was far too late for Ethan to try candy floss by the time we got home so once he got to bed Azii and I enjoyed some. Ethan tried some the next morning but the spat out puddle of dark pink goo that landed on his chair told me that he wasn’t keen.

As well as Fishy, Ethan was very lucky to get two stuffed toys from the fair. He won the toxic green monkey himself (and chose to get the vile green one rather than orange, purple or brown), and the Knuckles (ala red sonic) was a joint effort as Ethan and I caught a few ducks between us and then we were allowed to combine our winning tickets with my Uncle’s load and so Ethan was allowed to get one of the bigger prizes – It’s a shame they didn’t have any actual sonics but Ethan’s quite happy with his Red Sonic (He Loves sonic)

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  1. Serena October 18, 2013 / 5:55 pm

    So adorable! Looks like you had a great time! 🙂

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