Saturday, 19 October 2013

How to make Mars Bar Sauce - Easy recipe

Ok, let me be honest. I've called this a recipe in the title, as I want to categorise it along side future recipes I hope to post, but it can hardly be classed as a recipe as it's So easy and only has two ingredients. That said, don't let the simplicity fool you, if you like Mars bars then this may be one of the best things you've Ever tasted. 

Back when I was pregnant my friend Emily showed me how to make it and I've made it loads of times since and used it in lots of different ways plus altered it a little to turn it into an icing for a birthday cake (second best icing ever. Can't quite beat my mums chocolate caramel icing but that might just be because I didn't make enough of the mars bar icing, guess I'll have to make it again to see!) 

So, yes, the two ingredient give you an idea of quite how healthy this sauce is. When talking about amounts it's one of those things where you use some mars bar and put in some cream but I've tried to keep an eye on amounts so I can give you a rough idea.

The last time I did it it was with the multi-pack above but the mars bars were smaller than average so it wasn't the best example. Normally I'd say to use 1 mars bar per person and then use around 30-35ml double cream per person (but that really does vary, if you look at the rest of my photos you can see how much I used compared to the amount of chocolate)

Chop up those chocolate bars - Make them nice and easy for the melting part.

Chuck it all in a pan (maybe not too violently mind you) - I've played around with various heats and things to try and get it to melt best and get the smoothest sauce without over cooking it and so I have a rough guide of how to do it.

Start with a low-medium heat so you can get the chocolate and caramel melting and combining with the cream - Stir lots so make sure it doesn't stick - I tend to stir throughout most of the cooking time.

Once it's reached this sort of consistency you want to put it on a medium-high heat - You'll want to stir a lot and don't have it high for too long or it may burn (I've never burned it yet but I imagine it would Not be nice) - The reason it needs more heat now is that the nougat part of the bar is harder to melt - I don't recommend using the high heat from the start as you're much more likely to burn it. Slow and steady with this one.

Once you've melted all of the nougat and had the sauce bubbling really lightly it should go smooth and shiny - You can see the bubbles in this, I wouldn't want it bubbling any more than that.

This time I served it, still warm, over vanilla icecream - it was Good!

We've had it alone, with fruit, with cake, with brownies, all sorts of things.

When I made it as icing all that I did was add a little butter to it so that it would set better (no idea if it does that but in my brain it would) and also to add some extra shine. I then made a double chocolate loaf cake and drizzled the icing over the top. I only had one or two mars bars so there was nowhere near enough icing but it was still good, I remember that even though it was about two years ago that I made it!



  1. This sounds incredible, I love Mars bars! I just need an excuse to try it now..
    Thanks for sharing!

    Jess xo

  2. Mmmm yummy!! xx

  3. My heart and my stomach says: make this! But my head and my clothes says No!

    What's a girl to do?

    I might try this some time to see if I can finally convert my roommate into a Mars Bar Lover. :)

    Look forward to seeing more recipes from you!

    Random things and Strange whims

  4. Ohh this sounds brill! Will have to give it ago myself this week sometime! :) xo

  5. Hehe I had a feeling people would like this - Hope you all enjoy it as much as we do when you try it.

    Can't recommend it as a regular treat, far too naughty, but when you do treat yourself this is well worth every calorie!

    Emily, who I used to make it with back during my pregnancy, had actually forgotten about this so it's served as a reminder to her and she'll be making it soon too which is rather cool.

    I do apologise, in advance, for any compromised diets - It's a little too nice xx

  6. This looks yummy :) Fairly cheap if on a low budget to! Popped over from facebook to introduce myself & my blog which started friday. Will be following you for any food tips I may be able to use, but sadly on a spending ban so will try stay away from all the gorgeous fashion & makeup posts hehehe x

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