Love Me Beauty (formerly Beauteco box) unboxing – October 2013

Looking forward to the opening of the Love Me Beauty boutique and discovering what’s on the ‘menu’ this month is something I really look forward to every month now. The products, the brands, each month they’re really rather exciting and this month is no exception, just take a look! (Sorry for the quality of the light in the photos – definitely struggling with the changes in weather in that respect)

As you can see there are two more ‘Lord and Berry’ items, something from Amie, Weleda and Balm Balm – No new brands for me this month but brands that I know and love, definitely not a bad thing at all!  
It was the Amie product, this month, that decided upon which box option I chose. I had both of the other two options so the ‘Bright Eyes’ eye make-up remover was the deal breaker! I love the Amie brand, have a good few of their products and I want a good few more so definitely pleased to add to my collection. This is a full sized 125ml bottle worth £4.95.
We’ve had Lord & Berry in Love Me Beauty (Beauteco) boxes already but I, for one, am really happy that there’s some more in this months box. This is the first of the two the ‘Scuba Waterproof Mascara’. I’ve not opened this yet so I know very little about it – I have a lot of mascaras at the moment so I’m going to save this for when I need it. I’ve read that it’s quite a dry formula, though, so I’m quite pleased about that as I like dry formulas. This is a full sized worth £12.
The second Lord & Berry item is this eye liner pencil in ‘#719 Smoke’ – I was very very pleased to see a grey eye liner in here because I keep meaning to buy one but keep managing to forget – I get eye liners in boxes a lot and they’re almost always black so very nice for this to make a change.

Unfortunately I’ve not swatched this as it was a little damaged when it arrived.

As you can see the actual product inside the pencil is really recessed. Obviously I can sharpen it but the other problem is that it also feels quite wobbly so I’m not sure if it’s just going to break when I do sharpen it – Clearly I am going to have to do it or I’ll never be able to use it but I just don’t want to ruin it or lose any product. I’ve commented on Love me Beauty’s facebook page but no reply as of yet. This is a full sized pencil and it’s worth £7.50.
This is a sample of the Weleda ‘Millet Nourishing Shampoo’ – It’s an 18ml sample which I think is a pretty good size, even people with longer hair should get a good couple of uses out of it and with my really short hair I’ll get lots. I like Weleda and have tried a good few of their products so always happy to try a few  more. The full size of this costs £8.95 and is 190ml. 
This lovely little bottle of BalmBalm ‘Indulge Bath & Shower oil’ comes in a lovely little organza bag as you can see in the top photo. These cute little 5ml bottles are full size and retail at £6 so this is a nice little bit of luxury. The little leaflet suggests that this will last two to three showers or baths which is quite nice; a lot of the time with products like these you only get one use so it’s nice that this is more usable. With 100% organic ingredients this bottle of oil packs a real punch when it comes to fragrance, it’s definitely going to be a real case of a little bit goes a long way – The essential oil smell is pretty overpowering but obviously diluted in a bath or used in a very small amount it’ll be much nicer.

All in all – Fantastic box. Four full sized products, one good sized sample, great range of brands and nice mix of product types – As I’ve said in other posts these are all the sorts of products I’ll enjoy using and I doubt any of them will be consigned in to the ‘sample boxes’ for any length of time (if at all) – Another great month, Love Me Beauty, I’m so impressed ever month and look forward to seeing how much better they get each and every time.


  1. Karen Calladine October 15, 2013 / 9:05 pm

    I would check your mascara sooner rather than later – make certain it is actually usable. There is dry and then there is unusable.
    Karen x

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