Friday, 25 October 2013

MUA Make Up Academy - Luxe collection - Coming soon

Not a lot to say, really, other than I am really rather excited about the new MUA Luxe collection that should be coming soon.

I don't know the exact date as I heard, a while back, that it was going to be the end of October and more recently have heard beginning of November but either way it'll hopefully be soon!

The collection consists of the Velvet lip laquers, four glitter palettes, what I believe is a brow product and a gorgeous looking palette which you can see in the middle (has a huuge mirror!)

I'm most excited about the velvets and the palette - I cannot wait to get my hands on both of these as I think they just look so stunning and I can't wait to see what the quality of the Luxe range is like.

Oooh soo exciting! 

*This photo was taken from the MUA facebook page and was used with permission*


  1. Oh I need to be around when it's released !

  2. Aaaaaah - so exciting, can't wait to see those little quads up close and hear what they're like. Nice news on a Friday is a fabulous way to start a weekend! Xx

  3. Looks good. I never heard back, so gave up hoping. Too busy probably xx

  4. I'm with you, this all looks exciting but that middle palette is friggin' gorgeous!

    Sharon xx

  5. Its available online now!

    Charlotte x

  6. I'm really excited about these products! Especially the lip lacquers! :D xx

  7. Wow I really couldn't have timed this post any better! The collection is now live, but the palette isn't there - I really want the whole lot but I don't want to order twice - But I don't want to delay getting what is there because I want to show you, lovely readers, what they're like!xx

  8. I want to try the velvets and the palette. Not too sure about the glitter palettes though! :)

    Random things and Strange whims

  9. I seriously want to try the lip laquers. I was so disappointed with Rimmel's offerings. x

  10. I agree, not so sure about glitters Serena but I've ordered four out of five of the velvets, I've ordered the brow product and there's a new felt tip liner so I chucked that into the basket too - £3 for each item is a pretty amazing bargain. I'm gutted that the palette is being released a little later as I can't stand having to pay two lots of p+p but I know that my lovely readers are going to enjoy some swatches of the velvets so I didn't want to hold off on ordering those - So watch this space for some very very pretty swatches! xxx

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