My 50 books in a year challenge – Update

To the top of the page you’ll see all of my tabs – Many of them are empty but the ’50 Book Challenge’ isn’t. 

Every year, for the past few years, I’ve taken part in a challenge to read 50 books in a year. The first year I didn’t manage it (I only reached 47) but that’s because I didn’t start counting until around April/May and couldn’t remember what I’d read in the earlier months. Ever since that first year, though, I’ve managed to read more than the 50. 
I’ve always been a big reader, it’s been a massive part of my life from the moment I started reading. Reading is, and probably always will be, my favoured past time. I’m, also, a freakishly fast reader which is how I’ve managed to read so many books this year despite having had whole months where I’ve been so busy I’ve not been able to pick up a book. 
I’ve read a few gems this year and I’ve read a lot of books that are enjoyable, in their way, but not my cup of tea. I’d love to review a lot of them but as I’ve said in past posts I really struggle to write about books – Mostly because when I do I tend to go in to too much detail and that’s not what I want to do in a post, I don’t want to give too much away. 
I will, though, endeavour to work on this at some point and find a balance that allows me to review more books. And in lieu of that, for now, I will tell you some off the books that I’ve really enjoyed, so far, this year. (I’ll do another update before the year ends, if there’s any books of note)

What’s Left of Me‘ – Kat Zhang
Gone Girl‘ – Gillian Flynn
Wicked‘ – Gregory Maguire
All of the Harry Dresden books by Jim Butcher
The whole of the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher
The Peter Grant series (Rivers of London etc) by Ben Arronovitch
Rook‘ – Daniel O’Malley
Among Others‘ – Jo Walton
Just because books aren’t on this list doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy them, it might just mean that I didn’t enjoy them quite as much or just that they were enjoyable but not my sort of book. I enjoy reading, and unless something is totally awful I will enjoy at least some aspect of it. I flippin’ love books. 
(It has also just occurred to me that there’s a book missing from my list, I will need to go and amend that!)


  1. Sharon Taylor October 27, 2013 / 8:01 am

    Although I've had the time this year I've not had the ability to concentrate so I've been rubbish at reading, although I have bought plenty of new books to add to my vast collection, I think I may have only read 10-20, the majority being non-fiction which is shameful. I used to read an awfully lot more when I worked in a public library. I'm going to take a stab at making it a semi decent total once I've gone through what I've actually read this year, hopefully I've logged the majority on somewhere!

    I bought 'Wicked' just before I went into hospital for when I got out but I never got round to reading it,I borrowed it from the library when it first came out but never started it. I think this needs to go on top of my must read next year pile.

    Did you update this post last night? For some strange reason this post is showing as only being posted 7 hours ago via my reading list on blogger but here I can see it was posted on Wednesday. I don't know if it's just me (very likely, I always have issues) but I was having a similar problem with my posts showing hours or days later in lists rather than immediately, some problem with feedburner.

    Sharon xx

    Beauty, Miscellany

  2. admin October 27, 2013 / 12:54 pm

    Ooh I'd love to work in a library – I understand the concentration thing, it's why there's lots of evenings where blogging just doesn't happen and I can't even watch the tv. But I class myself as so lucky, even when I have an issue with concentration I seem to manage to read, I would be so sad.

    I'd definitely recommend reading Wicked, enjoyed it so much

    That's really weird, I didn't post it until last night, I may've made the draft on weds but didn't post it until then, this was actually meant to scheduled for another day but it went up today – No idea what's happened but been very annoying al in all xx

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