My Essie polish collection – Swatches on nail wheels

I painted up some nail wheels with my collection of Essie polishes quite a few weeks ago but I’ve just not got around to getting the post written up so I thought it was about time that I did, especially as I’ve not been having quite so many nail posts since I seem to have forgotten how to paint my nails nicely (that said, I have done a couple the past week or so, hopefully I’ll be able to do more again soon!)
I have quite a few Essie polishes, I’ve only actually paid full price for one of them though, the rest being bought from bargain sites, blog sales or having been competition wins or beauty box contents. I do like the polishes, though, so will buy more at the normal price when the mood takes me (the only reason it hasn’t is because I have far too many polishes at the moment so I am Trying, and failing, but definitely trying to not get too many new ones) 

As you can see the majority of the Essie polishes that I have are miniatures and there’s a few full sized – As i said, above, I only paid full price for ‘Leading Lady’ the rest were bargains, beauty box items or competition wins. Clearly I’ve not spent a fortune on this collection but I do think they’re decently priced for a polish that’s above high street quality – They’re not the longest lasting polishes that I have but they aren’t bad at all and a Seche vite top coat helps plus the colour range is just gorgeous. 
L-R – ‘More the Merrier’, ‘Sunday Funday’, ‘Full Steam Ahead’, ‘Naughty Naughtical’, ‘Meet me at Sunset’, ‘Super Bosanova’, ‘Smooth Sailing’, ‘Bikini So Teeny’, ‘Cute as a Button’, ‘Leading Lady’ and ‘Penny Talk’. 

And here’s the swatches: 
L-R ‘More the Merrier’, ‘Sunday Funday’, ‘Full Steam Ahead’, ‘Naughty Naughtical’.

L-R ‘Meet Me at Sunset’, ‘Super Bosanova’, ‘Smooth Sailing’, ‘Bikini So Teeny’, ‘Cute as a button’, ‘Leading Lady’ and ‘Penny Talk’.

I’ve got a mixture of ones which are the older style brushes and some which are the wider brushes introduced when they released the diffusion line into Boots and Superdrug. Even if not for the price difference I’d definitely recommend trying to get hold of ones from the diffusion line as the improved brushes makes them So much easier to use. The ones I’ve got from bargain sites are the older brushes, though, and they’re far from impossible to use, they’re just not As easy.

All in all I like me some Essie polishes. I don’t have a favourite brand because I like too many polishes by too many companies but I do definitely like the Essie one. 


  1. admin October 13, 2013 / 9:48 pm

    Totally agree Rachel, they're So many nice colours

    I take comfort from the fact that many others have scary collections, too, Karen so glad to be able to add someone else in to that list 🙂 xx

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