October Body Shop Sale Haul


I know, I know, when I posted my Superdrug haul I said I wasn’t spending any more money on myself this month but it is right at the end of the month And the reason for the purchase was to get some Christmas pressies ordered but the bits I got were Such bargains it seemed silly not to especially as I was able to get it to the free p+p threshold.
Body Shop had a load of things in a 50% sale – The majority of the things that I would have bought were already sold out but there was a couple of bits in there left. On top of that they had a 40% code which was for non-sale items but also worked on sale items too! (It didn’t work at first but it did work in the end)
So this is what I picked up

I am really becoming a very big body shop fan – I’d rarely shopped in their before but I get it now! I Really wish things I’d wanted hadn’t been out of stock, mostly stuff from the brazil nut range as I’m totally obsessed since I got the body mist.
My current scent obsessions are lemon, nutty scents and honey. When I saw that the ‘Sweet Lemon Beautifying Oil’ was in the sale I put it in my basket straight away, I was just gutted that the brazil nut one was sold out. These were already in the 50% sale and then went down to £2.70 with the extra reduction – I think you can see why it was hard not to.

And something to cater for the nutty scents that I love – I’ve been wanting this for a while now and I was gutted to miss it when the Body Shop were doing a thing to get a free hand cream. This Almond Hand and Nail cream was down to £3 with the reductions, bargain. The only problem with it is because the tube has been so squashed product comes out and just keeps on coming so it’s messed with the pressure – worried about wasting the product as today I ended up having to put loads on my friends and still had enough to put it all the way up my arms because so much came out.
I wasn’t totally sure about getting this to begin with – I have so many fragrances on the go at the moment but I’m in love with the scent of the Honeymania balm and I do switch up my fragrances a lot, I rarely wear one for more than one day in a row. I got this for £5.10 which I think is ok for an Eau De Toilette.
Lastly I picked up this Face Brush. I’ve been wanting a face brush for Ages now and keep almost getting one from various places but when I saw this one, with a little cover, was down to £2.40 I snapped it up.


Although I wasn’t expecting it to be huge I was surprised by quite how teeny this is (look at it at the photo at the top to see it compared to other pices) – I really like it, though. I love the positioning of the handle, compared to others that I’ve seen, as this feels totally natural to hold and is really easy and comfortable to use. I’ve only used it once, so far, but my face felt very nice and clean afterwards.

All in all, a lovely little set of purchases. I really do enjoy the Body Shop and they have such good sales, so regularly, it’s hard not to get a bargain or two!

Obviously I’m not going to post things that I’v’e got as presents as that’s a little silly/unfair but suffice to say they’re rather cool and I think that people will like them.

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