September 2013 Favourites

Yup, the end of September has arrived. Everyone says they can’t believe it’s gone so fast etc etc but guess what, I feel the same. I need say no more, I don’t think, but arrrrgggg slow down!!!
This month I’ve still been struggling a Lot with the fibro – Things just don’t seem to have levelled out after my accident, just hoping that they do soon (been too many times where it’s got worse and not levelled back out again so hoping this Isn’t one of them). As such I’ve struggled a lot this month But I’ve still been enjoying some great products – Beauty really is becoming more and more theraputic as time goes along.

Been mostly about the eyes and the lips for me this month – Two whole shadow palettes in my favourites? Was difficult to not make is three or four! I’ve just been really enjoying using eye shadows more this month and I’ve had some Fantastic additions to my collection the past couple of months. 
You may have seen that the Stila – ‘In the light’ palette was one of the items I won in the Beauty Bay #EssentialBeauty wishlist competition a couple of months ago and I have been absolutely Loving playing with the shades this month; it definitely dominated the first couple of weeks of the month and I’ve made some looks I really love with it. (You can see my post on it HERE)
The palette that dominated the second part of the month has, definitely, been the MUA – ‘Smokin Palette’ – I really do love the shades that are in this and it’s even had me playing with some different colours in my looks. (Again, my post on this palette is HERE) (Hard to believe but I already know there’ll be a palette in next month’s favourites too – Sleek Vintage romance collection anyway?!)

Lastly in eye products comes the Seventeen – ‘Doll’d Up’ mascara in brown/black. I normally use black mascaras because… well I don’t know why, I just do. I have really liked using this brown/black shade this month, though, it’s worked really well with the sorts of looks I’ve been doing. I’m, also, really really loving the formula of this mascara – Love!

When it comes to lip products this month it’s mostly been things that are subtler and easy to wear but slightly more leaning for the autumnal shades.

The beautyuk – Post pout in ‘Sugar plum fairy’ has been a real favourite for me this month ever since it arrived in my Miss Glossybox for Sept/Oct (Post HERE) – This sheer plum shade is really moisturising, a lovely shade but not too much on the lips. I looked for some more of these in superdrug, recently, but they didn’t have any. I do have some more autumnal lip products to post about in the next week or so, though.
Secondly I’ve been loving Model Co’s ‘Kitten’ Party proof lipstick which I got in my Birchbox (HERE) This isn’t a shade that necessarily shouts ‘autumn’, I think it’ll work for any time of the year, but I do think that the additional warmth of this natural shade is lovely and it wears so nicely.
My honey obsession was totally fed when Body shop finally released their Honeymania range and when they had one of their famous 40% off sales I rushed to pick up the lip balm. I’ve been loving this balm this month, lovely smell, lovely texture, nicely moisturising – Yum.

Two last products that I’ve been loving this month are Heal Gel and Body shop’s Brazil nut body mist.
The Heal gel is something I’ve been testing for review this month and I love what it’s done for my skin and I really look forward to trying it in lots of other ways too, if I can get some more – To see more you can check my full review post HERE.
The Brazil nut spray is the other item I ordered during the latest Body Shop sale – I needed something else to get over the £5 for the free p+p, I love the Body shop mists and nutty scents are yummy. I was Not disappointed by this one, in fact it was way, way better than I expected. This sweet, nutty scent is lovely and I think it’s got an autumnal smell to it, though I couldn’t tell you why.

We’ve watched Lots of dvd series this month but these have been the two we’ve watched beginning to end and they were both new out this month. I was Very excited to see what happened next in both ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and neither of them were a disappointment. We wouldn’t have been able to afford to buy both of them this month so we were Very lucky when my best mate ordered ‘The walking dead’ for us as a very early Christmas present (and it arrived over a week before release date!) 


  1. Kate Musgrove October 2, 2013 / 12:31 pm

    I recently ordered a body shop order and I was little disappointed with the sizes of the products tbh – was obviously a mistake I made due to the sizes I ordered. But I spent £27 altogether and don't feel I've got my money worth. £20 of that was with 40% off the extra £7 is what I spent in store. I'm hoping it's okay due to it being my sisters present for Christmas. The larger christmas bag will be being replaced with a smaller one because it drowns the contents and it looks like there's hardly anything there. Thought that counts and all that though. I was a bit annoyed too because I made the order due to the free gift when you spend over a fiver which I also didn't get – so I emailed them. On the email they sent telling me about the offer it just said 'time is running out for 40% off and free gift over five pounds' – that's it. So I assumed they just gifted a free gift in with my order after looking online after receiving my order and offer ending I found that your suppose to add the gift to cart. They were no information telling me of this. So I'm hoping it gets sorted and I can add it to my sisters present. The value of gift is £13 – I don't hold much hope though.

    So yeah had a disappointing experience with body shop lol. And to top it off with the card your not allowed to stamp it with online purchases which is where I actually make my purchases mainly.

    on a positive note I've found mortal instrument books for 6.99 with free delivery offer xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle

    • admin October 2, 2013 / 12:56 pm

      Oh that's a Real shame, especially considering some of the bargains we've both had from them in the past! Hopefully they'll sort out the free gift for you, though, you're a regular customer so I'm sure they'll want to give you what you were entitled to for ordering when you did 🙂 Also I'm sure your sister will love whatever you've got, it's clear you've put loads of thought in to what you've got her and that matters above all else

      Ooh wow that's an Impressive price! I'm guessing you'll be snapping those up! I seriously need to update my 50 books tab, I've got 10 or more books to add to it, ek, lol xx

    • Kate Musgrove October 3, 2013 / 9:33 am

      Yes it is. Only can hope I suppose!

      Yes I snapped them up in a heartbeat. Really impressed with price plus the free delivery. They'll keep me going, along with kindle freebies because Christmas is coming and I need to make a start somewhere. 1 down several family members to go plus the kiddies. xx

    • admin October 3, 2013 / 10:29 am

      Quite wish I'd waited to buy them, now, but never mind!

      Yeah, I've got some stuff for the kids but definitely want to start thinking about getting more sorted this month, I refuse to do a last minute dash. Azii's easy, though, he's getting most of the money for a next gen console from his mum but he'll probably need some more to go towards it so I'm probably going to do that – Will mean he gets Very little actually at xmas but he'll have what he wants xx

  2. Kim Carberry October 2, 2013 / 8:10 pm

    Ohh the Walking Dead!! Not long now till the start of the new series! I can't wait x

  3. admin October 3, 2013 / 10:26 am

    Definitely worth a watch Rachel, really gripping stuff!

    I can't wait, either, Kim! Xx

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