Some autumnal additions to my make-up collection – Barry M, Sleek, Seventeen and NYC

I have a few products which work quite nicely for the Autumnal season but I definitely felt like there was a couple of spaces left for a few new bits and bobs – Mostly nail polish and some subtler autumnal lip colours. I do like bold lipsticks and glosses but, more recently, I’ve been much happier with more subtle, more sheer and generally less in your face lip looks so I definitely wanted to get a couple of things which would make that achievable during the change in seasons. 
Firstly I bought the Seventeen Mirror Shine lipstick in ‘Plum Perfect’ – I bought this because, in Superdrug, I had been swatching various subtler plummy lipsticks and I settled on an NYC one only to discover that it was out of stock! So when I went to Boots the search continued – I love the mirror shine lipsticks and their sheer formulas seemed the perfect way to get the sort of look I was going for.

As you can see this is, quite simply, a sheer plum colour. It’s got a bit of shimmer in it but you don’t really notice it on the lips either in feel or appearance – It’s just nice; autumnal without being vampy (Don’t get me wrong, I love vampy but it’s just not what I’m going for at the moment). 

This is the lipstick that I fell in love with in Superdrug but discovered to be out of stock – NYC Expert Last lip colour in ‘Sugar Plum’. Thankfully Superdrug have a free p+p offer on at the moment so I was able to get my hands on it nice and easily.  

As you can see this is less sheer than the Seventeen one but it’s similar in shade – Neither of them are very purpley plums but they still have that plummy tone to them whilst having a warm hint of red too. I think they’re both gorgeous autumn colours if you want to keep things nice and simple. 

I’ve had my eye on these NYC Foil Explosion nail polishes for a while as they just look so pretty and this one in the shade Pure Air just seems perfect for Autumn with its warm orange tones which shout ‘autumn leaves’ at me. 

As many of us have, I spent a lot of the summer obsessing over the Barry M Hi shine nail polishes so I thought I needed to get at least one (will clearly need more) that are more autumn/winter friendly. Being obsessed with the colour purple ‘Plum’ was the absolutely obvious choice!

This one isn’t a particularly autumnal shade but I love it so much that I want to share how pretty it is! This is Barry M limited edition glitter polish in the shade ‘Gold Rush’ – It’s got gorgeous strands of rose gold and gold glitter in, love it.

When I saw Barry M post about this on their facebook page I just Had to get my hands on it. I have lots of shades of purple but this shade ‘Berry Cosmo’ looked soo beautiful in their photograph of it! I’ve not tried this one yet but I just love that berry shade of purple, yay.
I’ve wanted to get my hands on the Sleek blush in ‘Rose Gold’ for soo long. I know it doesn’t automatically scream autumn being a peachy coral shade but it depends how you wear it. The gold shimmer in it makes it such a nice, warm shade that dusted lightly on the cheeks, with the right look, it adds such a gorgeous warm glow.

Obviously dusted rather a lot lighter than in this swatch haha!

All in all I am feeling stocked up and ready for the cooler seasons – My lovely new shades of make-up (not to forget my previously getting Sleek’s ‘Vintage romance’ collection!) plus some warmer jumpers and some new gloves and I’m raring to go.


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