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The lovely Kate over at A British Sparkle tagged me in the Autumn tag a short while ago but I’ve been struggling to keep updated what with all of us battling colds and Ethan having an icky sickness bug which stole lots of my sleep.
1.  What’s your most favourite thing about autumn? The colours, the smell, the weather. I’m not a fan of rain but I prefer the cooler weather, I like snuggling up in blankets and cuddling hot water bottles. If Ethan had been a girl he’d have been called Autumn, best season ever. 
2. What’s your favourite drink? I don’t have a specific autumn favourite drink but I love hot chocolate all year round – It definitely fits better into the cooler climate, though, so I’ll stick with that. 

3. What’s your favourite scent/candle? I like sweet scents most of the year around, to be honest – Currently loving discovering Katy Perry ‘Killer Queen’ so even if no one else considers it autumnal I always will! 

4. What’s your best lipstick? I didn’t wear lipstick regularly last autumn (funny how things change!) but now it’s probably Model Co’s ‘Kitten’ as a warm neutral and Beauty UK’s tinted balm pencil in ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ 

5. What’s your go to moisturizer? I’m sticking with the same day moisturiser but when the cold weather dries out my skin I use the Organic Surge ‘Super-Intensive Daily moisturiser’ on the dry patches – such a think, nourishing moisturiser! 

6. What’s your go to colors for the eyes? Definitely loving taupes and or plummy shades this autumn,

7.  What’s your favourite singer/band to listen to? I listen to the same music all year round but I do find Nightwish a little more awesome in the colder months, though even more so in Winter when it’s snowy, no idea why.

8. What’s your favourite outfit to wear? Long sleeved skater dress and fleecy lined tights at the moment. Plus my snood and leather jacket when out in the colder outside spaces. 
10. What’s your favourite place to be? At home snuggled up with my boy or my man. 
I’m tagging:

Sharon at ‘Beauty, Miscellany’

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  1. admin October 11, 2013 / 4:14 pm

    That's alright. I have had a stressy day so forgotten to tell everyone I've tagged, I'll have to do it shortly, thanks for the reminder!

    It's amazing isn't it, can't get enough of it xx

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